Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"That mom"

Yep, I'm *that* mom.  Which one might that be?  Oh, the one who breastfeeds their kids until they're in school, insists on having babies at home, has more baby wraps than she does pairs of pants that fit, and *gasp* doesn't vaccinate my kids.

Of course, other days I'm a different *that mom*.  Sometimes I'm the granola crunchy hippy mom... sometimes I'm the mom that wonders if mimosas with breakfast are an okay way to start the day... and all too often I'm the mom who doesn't remember the last time she got to shower.  Depending on the day, my blog may reflect any one of the 'that mom' personas I embody.  Sometimes it may reflect the ones I want to emobdy. 

C'mon, you know you've said it or thought it... "ohhh you're one of those moms" or when describing someone in a playgroup "she's that mom".  It might be whispered at a playground, followed by laughter a little loud at a mom's night out, or typed on a mommy message board with the same intonation we know it's said with in real life.  The "that mom" phenomena is probably one we could live without.  But it's out there and there's no hiding.

So my intention is to own the "that mom" personas I have... the ones I like.. the ones I chose.  Laugh at, cry at, or yell at the ones I didn't choose or feel that someone keeps sticking to my back like a 'kick me' sign and then ditch them!  I don't need them.

And then I will evaluate the ones I aspire to... You know the ones I'm thinking of.  Somewhere deep inside so many of us is a little tiny piece who wants to be the June Cleaver mom, or any 1950s housewife who has kids cleaned, dressed, and smiling when their hubby gets home... who is as happy with their life and their kids as they are with their ridiculously clean and well organized home.  And then there's the ones that you see at the playground, dressed in the mommy jogging suit uniform or their khakis and fitted t-shirt with appropriately cute but still cool saying on it looking like they belong in a GAP ad.... and don't forget the Starbuck's cup in their hand (nevermind the fact that the closest Starbuck's is a 30 minute drive from where you're at).

When we look at those moms, it's time for a reality check.  There's more to the picture than we're seeing at that moment, and probably more than a little whiskey thrown in her coffee.  I'm going to take a look at that mom, that pretty little image I'm seeing, and think about the things that are most appealing.  She looks put together... maybe I need to focus on getting a shower.  She has her coffee, oh what a dream... so let's put that on the list for hubby tomorrow morning, fill my travel mug with that delicious Fair Trade Organic stuff we grind and brew at home.

I'm over the judging... and just looking to improve myself where I can for my sake, my kids' sake, and my husband's sake.  My blogs might be about my projects, my thoughts, or my frustrations.

It's my blog, and I'm that mom so I'm going to write whatever the hell I want to write.

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  1. I'm a new follower and am really excited that I found this blog through RoryBore!


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