Friday, October 30, 2009

Small steps, small victories.

So I am going to celebrate even the smallest things because I need a reason to celebrate. Lately my 2 year old has been driving me to the brink of insanity so domesticity is even farther from attainable than normal. Nonetheless, I have kept the kitchen table clear. We have cleared our dishes. AND, I cleaned up the living room and playroom (with children screaming but hey, it got done) and vacuumed. Yoga didn't happen.... cookie dough and guinness was way more effective. So I might still be getting fat, but my house is getting ever so slowly closer to a place that I'm not ashamed be in seen in and not miserable to live in. Oh we're not there yet... gosh, I could document this in pictures but I think someone might report me to family services. So we'll see maybe I'll just show the finished product (at which point some of you might think it's really a before product compared to your homes, but this is why I am an undomestic goddess.

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