Saturday, February 6, 2010


g, I never thought I'd be so excited by coupons, but after months and months of seeing the joy of others as they clip, organize, and save, I gave in. So here is my current pride and joy. My brand new, made and customized by me, coupon organizer. Hooray!

I found an old planner I used in college that I used to adore but haven't had any need for (let's here it for repurposing!) and decided to use that. It was perfect in that it zippers closed, it has a pocket on the outside and pockets on the inside.

I decided to use coupon organizer pages I found online from Mrs. A's Coupon Organizer. While it may seem silly to spend the money I really liked it. Of course they only came 3 hole punched, so it took me a little time and a lot of muscle with an ancient single hole puncher to add the 4 other holes neccesary for the 7-ring binder.

Then I bought pretty scrapbooking paper, cut it to size, and placed it in sheet protectors. I printed out 'labels' for each section from a digital scrapbooking label I found online. With some cutting and gluing, here we were.

In the pocket on the left are extra sheet protectors and extra coupon organizer pages. I'm keeping gift cards in the little business card pocket at the bottom. Eventually I will add tabs to the pages with something like this which I actually have sitting in that pocket on the left as well. I didn't apply them yet cause I want to live with it for a while and see what dividers I change and re-order before adding tabs.

Now it's just time to get couponing. I've found some sources to start with... manufacturer's websites as well as sites like Plus, there are a billion and one blogs about couponing. I'm also learning to become a "CVSer" (yes, there is such a thing). So, I'm sure there will be posts to come about the places I found the most deals, money I've saved, and at some point, I'm sure there will be a confession to pointless things bought simply because I had a coupon... but we're hoping to keep that to a minimum.

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  1. Thats so great! I'm so unorganized with coupons and never use them because I never know where they are! I need something like that! I think this would be a great topic for a Holistic Moms meeting. We could swap coupons we don't want too!


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