Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coupons, Swagbucks, and Meatballs, OH MY!

Couponing = 50% off groceries!
I know I am not nearly as talented as those hard core couponers out there, but give me time.  In the meantime, I am totally enjoying that every grocery trip since I made my book has been literally HALF PRICE!!!  I love it!  I'd say "can't beat that" but I know that it can be beat.  I can't wait!

Swagbucks = $15 in Amazon giftcards ALREADY!
Yes, that's right I've cashed in on $15 of free gift cards from Swagbucks already.  Sweet, right?  I've been using the search engine plus checking out their twitter, blog, and facebook pages for Swag Codes that give me extra Swagbucks here and there.  Come on and check it out!  Use my referral in the posy below.

Venison + Meatballs = Yum!
I've never made meatballs before.  I've never cooked venison before.  In fact, I pretty much can't stand cooking/handling/touching all meat.  I was a vegetarian for many years as a result.  Then one day, I craved a hot dog and so I ate a hot dog.  So then I became a vegetarian who ate hot dogs.  They aren't real meat anyway, right?  Well last week I made venison meatballs and they were, get this, not only edible but pretty darn yummy!  I used this easy peasy recipe except I didnt have any dry onion soup mix so I just used dehydrated onion flakes and some garlic, cause well, everything is better with garlic.  And Weight Watchers - they are about a point a piece when you make them about an inch around.  Sweet!

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