Sunday, February 21, 2010


So, I'm pretty new to this but I figured I'd post about it anyway... I have friends really into this whole 'swagbucks' thing and they are seriously cashing in!  I was not to be left behind.  I joined up and I'm plugging along collecting swagbucks.  You can collect your own AND help me out by signing up under my name!

Anyway, you use it as a search engine and can install a search tool bar and you are randomly awarded 'swagbucks'.  In return those can be used in the swagbucks store for a variety of things including gift cards!   It seems pretty simple, and I have friends that are intending to pay for all of Christmas this way.  A pretty big goal, yes, but totally doable at the rate they are earning their swagbucks.  You can also earn more by signing up for the newsletter and following the blog and such.  As I learn more, I'll share with ya along the way!

Happy Swagging :)

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