Monday, March 29, 2010

Why I Love Homemaking

I found this list, while browsing the wonderful wide world web recently. It's a list titled Why I Love Homemaking.  Here are some of my favorites from the list...

I love homemaking because my time is my own. I dictate how my day will go and that is an awesome thing in this world. Many high paid executives do not have the freedom that I have almost every day.

I love homemaking because I can sit with other women and their babies and compare struggles and trials; then come away feeling so much better to handle my own babies and struggles and trials.

I love homemaking because I have permission to fail while I learn. I have granted permission to myself recently which makes me feel a whole lot better about learning new things and not being afraid to fail.  (this is so great!)

I love homemaking because if I am sick of being inside I can go outside. And if I am sick of being outside I can go inside.

I love homemaking because no one can run this home like I can. No one knows that man of mine like I do. And no one can tell you about those kids that I live with like I can.

I loved the whole list!  It made me smile at the author's outlook.  It made me grimmace at my own lack of love for homemaking most days. And it made me want to make my own list. Here are a few things I came up with...

*I love homemaking because organizing my home is a perfectly acceptable way to spend my work day.

*I love homemaking because ignoring the disorganization and playing with my kids is an even more acceptable way to spend my day.

*I love homemaking because I am learning things I'd never thought I'd want to - gardening, cooking, couponing, and homemaking!

*I love homemaking because my kids get to help me making our house a home, in the kitchen, the laundry, the backyard, and everywhere else.  It really is our home. 

*I love homemaking because it's enabled me to my kids' needs first... nursing them on demand past the first few weeks or months... co-sleeping and nighttime parenting in a gentle and love (although exhausting) way...and spending time outdoors, in play, and in rest with them everyday.  The ways I put their needs first will change over time, but the fact that homemaking makes this possible for me won't!

Are you a homemaker?  What do you love?
Disclaimer - This post is not meant to comment on anyone else's ability to parent or make a home regardless of how they work that out.  It is simply me embracing my full-time job as homemaker and things that are a part of it (which does not preclude them from being a part of your life, job, or parenting... it just means they are a part of mine).  Silly, I feel the need to add this, but I do.
Disclaimer #2 - Gosh, how old-fashioned can I be?  Homemaking?  Aren't you a feminist?  SHouldn't you be making your husband cook and clean while you go work?  Hmmm, yea, this post keeps working on itself in my head but hasn't made it to the keyboard yet.  It's coming.  Just let me assure you, I am a homemaker by choice.  It is gift from and to my family.  And I am well-educated woman who is probably more intelligent than is good for her.  I assure you I am not settling or causing any setbacks to feminism by doing what I do.  (Picturing me patting the furious feminists on the head here).

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New look.

Like my new look?  It's not anything too exciting.  I admit I grabbed it from one of those free blog layout sites.  My grandmother died this morning, and my family lives about three hours away.  It didn't make sense for me to go down there today and then for the funeral as well, especially with a husband who has to work tomorrow and two kids not up for 6 hours in the car twice in the next few days... three times if you then count our trip down for Easter.  So I'm here... passing the time and occupying my mind by changing the layout to my blog.  I think I'll go do some laundry now.  There will probably be another post coming about Grandmom soon as I process it all.

Come on over...

I was taking pictures of spaces in our home for another project and thought I might give you all a tour.  So, come on over!  Today, we start with our playroom.  Why the playroom?  Because it's one of the *almost* finished spaces in our home, and as a result, is also one of my favorite spaces. 
The shelf above the kitchen is a fairly recent addition and hasn't quite been organized yet.  Oh, and that white t-shirt hanging like dirty laundry on the easel is our artist's smock kept at the ready.

About half of these bins have been organized.  I haven't decided how to label the brown ones with the little animals on it.  These originated in the little man's Noah's Ark nursery. (They were plain brown bins bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond decorated with wooden animals found at Michael's.  They were one of my favorite touches in his nursery.)  Oh, and yes the fish tank is off-center, because when we moved more than 6 months ago, my husband didn't realize it wasn't center when he then proceeded to fill it with water making it very, very heavy and coincidentally (or not so much) very, very difficult to move.  Moving it is on the to-do list, but honestly, it's pretty low on the list.  I imagine eventually have dress up clothes hanging from the hooks on the right but for now it holds my son's baby carrier for his dolls, his backpack for school, and a water bottle (because we would never want to be without water... the kitchen is a whole 15 steps away, well for the little man it might be 25 steps).

This spot of blank wall over the train table has had many makeovers, they've just all been in my head so far.  Originally, to go with our subtle jungle motif, I wanted to get something like this to put on the wall there, but the price tag delayed that purchase.  Since we've moved into the stage of art projects and creations (which I understand is one that sticks around for a while), I've considered making this a "Little Man's Originals" walls where we can display the latest and greatest art of the Little Man.  This is my current theory, we'll see how many times it changes before I get around to doing it.  Oh yea, and this room clearly needs curtains or valances or something on those windows!

I'm not sure if you've noticed yet... but I love labels.  They make me giddy.  Add in the fact that I got to use my laminator on some of these, and I was downright euphoric!  But seriously, labels are the picture of freedom to me.  I know most might consider them restricting or too confining, but for me, knowing exactly where things go frees my mind up to do other things!  I can clean up the playroom in minutes because things just get tossed into their appropriate bins without me sitting their agonizingly (for everyone present) trying to decide what should go in which bin and how in the world we're going to organize this mess.  Yes, that is what happened every time we cleaned up.... in fact, there were days (cough cough... maybe even weeks) where I completely avoided cleaning up in there because I couldn't bare to try to wrap my mind around the task of finding the perfect little home for each thing.  And even when I'd find the perfect little home for each thing, by the time I had to clean it up again, I'd wonder maybe that isn't the perfect home, and it would start all over again.  So I, along with my poor husband and kids, are embracing the FREEDOM that labels bring us (ok, me, but they enjoy having their mom back from the mysterious world of planning and organizing that exists in her head).

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


After two hours of whining, crying, and fighting (and the baby wasn't real happy either!), I finally have a napping baby on my lap. Now what do I do? Blog about it, of course.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's the kind of day where shoes and socks get left behind to feel the grass between your toes.

I'd show you my toes in the grass but they are in desperate need of a pedicure before they face the camera (really probably before they see the sun but it's too late for that).

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My heart is so full.

As I listen to my 3 year old sitting in his room by himself during our newly adopted "Rest Hour" reading (he hasn't learned to read - just remembering and retelling the story) with perfect intonation the classic Are You My Mother? my heart is just overflowing with joy and love.  I can't wipe this stupid grin off my face.  This makes all those that mom moments totally worth it.  Off to go read some more books with the little man!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I recently read somewhere that the very act of putting a tea kettle on the stove to make tea has a calming effect on people. It's certainly true for me. I love tea. I often forget how much I love tea, but then I happen upon a cup of tea and experience again the warm fuzzy feeling of relaxation found in that small vessel of caffeine.

The act of making tea makes the whole experience more fulfilling. Even just saying it, "shall I put on a pot of tea?" brings to mind images of warm, cozy comfort. Putting the kettle on the stove sends my mind to a country kitchen filled with freshly baked cookies and good company. After the water heats up, I hear that lovely whistle and watch the steam rise as fill my cup. Knowing I have a perfect cup of tea preparing itself for me, I can relax while it steeps. Finally, the tea comforts me from the inside out as I sip the first tastes of my soothing labor.

I think I have found the perfect comfort food in tea, and it’s calorie-free! Though, that brings up the debate of what exactly should go in tea. I, myself, am a tea purist who drinks it plain. However, in our home, the debate rages with proponents for honey, milk, lemon or even bourbon. We can discuss that another time.

Growing up, we didn't have a tea kettle. I didn't even know people used them. I saw tea kettles as old-fashioned things you saw on television or in movies. I missed out. Microwaving a mug of water doesn't have the same affect; it doesn’t bring about that warm sensation of homey happiness. It involves pushing buttons and annoying beeps, not to mention if you’re not careful your water can get too hot and explode dangerously when you try to remove it from the microwave.

When I married my husband, and he stuck his annoyingly ugly tea kettle on our stove to take up space and clutter the view, well... let's just say I didn't understand the need, and, yes, that's putting it mildly. Luckily, I now know better. Maybe, if he had a delightfully inspiring tea kettle like this one, I would have figured it out faster.

Friday, March 5, 2010

What's that in the school play?

A bird?  A plane?  A superhero? 

(Whispered wondering)

"What IS that boy supposed to be?"  "Is he cookie monster?"  "Who made his costume?"  "He's a bird?  No, he's not."  "Oh that's his mom over there"  "Oh dear... poor boy."  "I usually like homemade costumes, but really she should have went out and bought one"  "I hope she pays someone to make it for her next time"

Yep, this will definitely be a that mom moment.  I can see it now.  My son's school play this year will be The Little Mermaid.  My son has been assigned a role as a bird.  This is the note I received home. 

Costumes can be made by hand or bought or rented.  Check online for different ways to make or buy these types of costumes.  Usually the homemade ones are the most creative and come out the best.

Translation:  The good moms make their kids costumes, and they look like belong on Broadway.

I have two choices here..   Buy one and be that mom... the one who buys her kid's costume for the school play.  Or I can make one and be that mom... the mom who really should have bought her kid's costume and shows off her complete lack of creativity and skills. 

Wait.  There's one more choice.  Ohhh, and I'm liking this one already.  Buy a homemade costume by some lovely crafty and talented person with a small online boutique or maybe who sells on Etsy, and let everyone believe that I made it.  Now, I'll have to make sure it's not too good.  I mean, we want this to be realistic.  This just might work.