Sunday, March 7, 2010


I recently read somewhere that the very act of putting a tea kettle on the stove to make tea has a calming effect on people. It's certainly true for me. I love tea. I often forget how much I love tea, but then I happen upon a cup of tea and experience again the warm fuzzy feeling of relaxation found in that small vessel of caffeine.

The act of making tea makes the whole experience more fulfilling. Even just saying it, "shall I put on a pot of tea?" brings to mind images of warm, cozy comfort. Putting the kettle on the stove sends my mind to a country kitchen filled with freshly baked cookies and good company. After the water heats up, I hear that lovely whistle and watch the steam rise as fill my cup. Knowing I have a perfect cup of tea preparing itself for me, I can relax while it steeps. Finally, the tea comforts me from the inside out as I sip the first tastes of my soothing labor.

I think I have found the perfect comfort food in tea, and it’s calorie-free! Though, that brings up the debate of what exactly should go in tea. I, myself, am a tea purist who drinks it plain. However, in our home, the debate rages with proponents for honey, milk, lemon or even bourbon. We can discuss that another time.

Growing up, we didn't have a tea kettle. I didn't even know people used them. I saw tea kettles as old-fashioned things you saw on television or in movies. I missed out. Microwaving a mug of water doesn't have the same affect; it doesn’t bring about that warm sensation of homey happiness. It involves pushing buttons and annoying beeps, not to mention if you’re not careful your water can get too hot and explode dangerously when you try to remove it from the microwave.

When I married my husband, and he stuck his annoyingly ugly tea kettle on our stove to take up space and clutter the view, well... let's just say I didn't understand the need, and, yes, that's putting it mildly. Luckily, I now know better. Maybe, if he had a delightfully inspiring tea kettle like this one, I would have figured it out faster.


  1. Totally agree. The ritual of making tea is half of the thrill for me. Life is good when your hands are wrapped around a big mug of steaming tea......


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