Monday, March 29, 2010

Why I Love Homemaking

I found this list, while browsing the wonderful wide world web recently. It's a list titled Why I Love Homemaking.  Here are some of my favorites from the list...

I love homemaking because my time is my own. I dictate how my day will go and that is an awesome thing in this world. Many high paid executives do not have the freedom that I have almost every day.

I love homemaking because I can sit with other women and their babies and compare struggles and trials; then come away feeling so much better to handle my own babies and struggles and trials.

I love homemaking because I have permission to fail while I learn. I have granted permission to myself recently which makes me feel a whole lot better about learning new things and not being afraid to fail.  (this is so great!)

I love homemaking because if I am sick of being inside I can go outside. And if I am sick of being outside I can go inside.

I love homemaking because no one can run this home like I can. No one knows that man of mine like I do. And no one can tell you about those kids that I live with like I can.

I loved the whole list!  It made me smile at the author's outlook.  It made me grimmace at my own lack of love for homemaking most days. And it made me want to make my own list. Here are a few things I came up with...

*I love homemaking because organizing my home is a perfectly acceptable way to spend my work day.

*I love homemaking because ignoring the disorganization and playing with my kids is an even more acceptable way to spend my day.

*I love homemaking because I am learning things I'd never thought I'd want to - gardening, cooking, couponing, and homemaking!

*I love homemaking because my kids get to help me making our house a home, in the kitchen, the laundry, the backyard, and everywhere else.  It really is our home. 

*I love homemaking because it's enabled me to my kids' needs first... nursing them on demand past the first few weeks or months... co-sleeping and nighttime parenting in a gentle and love (although exhausting) way...and spending time outdoors, in play, and in rest with them everyday.  The ways I put their needs first will change over time, but the fact that homemaking makes this possible for me won't!

Are you a homemaker?  What do you love?
Disclaimer - This post is not meant to comment on anyone else's ability to parent or make a home regardless of how they work that out.  It is simply me embracing my full-time job as homemaker and things that are a part of it (which does not preclude them from being a part of your life, job, or parenting... it just means they are a part of mine).  Silly, I feel the need to add this, but I do.
Disclaimer #2 - Gosh, how old-fashioned can I be?  Homemaking?  Aren't you a feminist?  SHouldn't you be making your husband cook and clean while you go work?  Hmmm, yea, this post keeps working on itself in my head but hasn't made it to the keyboard yet.  It's coming.  Just let me assure you, I am a homemaker by choice.  It is gift from and to my family.  And I am well-educated woman who is probably more intelligent than is good for her.  I assure you I am not settling or causing any setbacks to feminism by doing what I do.  (Picturing me patting the furious feminists on the head here).


  1. I love your list Jamie! And I would also love if you could come to my home to lable up some sh*! :)

    And I also love your disclaimers lol, us women can be so touchy :p

    Well I was a homemaker all week on vacation from work and I loved waking up and cleaning my house and then being able to enjoy my fresh clean home with the kids. I love watching the kids interact together and watching their imaginations blossom <3

  2. You would love the song "Feminist Housewives". It is by a band called "Bitch and Animal". Crazy name for a band but they rock! I did a post on this very same thing awhie back. :)


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