Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daring mothers...

I loved this post over at Passionate Homemaking.  It's focused on daughters, but everything in it is true for mothers of boys too.

I particularly loved this...

Being a godly mother can be a daring assignment.
May we accept our mission in faith, not fear! May God’s goodness flow through us and our family, and through each of son and each DAUGHTER.
May we raise DARING daughters who follow God’s purposes, in complete submission to Him, with fervent love  . . . and perhaps, with dirty feet.
And as moms, may we be DARING too!
I strive to be a godly mother, a daring mother.  And even more so, I am thankful for having a godly mother who was daring, who allowed me and supported me as I followed God's call to dangerous places, whether they be physically or emotionally dangerous.  I can't imagine it was easy when I came home and announced I intended to graduate high school a year early and head off to college having just turned 17, or when I called to tell her I was going to travel the country for a summer serving communities that had just experienced horrific natural disasters, or any of the other terrifying moments I gave her as a mother where she had the choice either to caution, contain, and prevent me from heading out into a scary world following God's call or to support me, pray for me, and prepare me!  What an awesome example she is as I embark on godly motherhood!

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