Friday, April 9, 2010

Shop Rite Checkout Girl

Hubby went grocery shopping for me today. Like always, I sent him with a repurposed envelope (came with a bill that we paid online or something arrived in the mail in it) filled with coupons with a list on the back that reads something like this...

Kosher Salt (1) - 1.29
Caribou Coffee (2) - 4.49 each

etc... item, quantity, and what the price SHOULD be so as to not have him buy something at a price I wasn't expecting and therefore disappoint me when I look at the receipt excited to see the rock bottom prices I achieved. (Yes, let's pause for a moment and appareciate what an amazing husband I have to do this for me and only make fun of me a little. Ok, moving on.)

When my husband arrived at the register today, the check out girl recognized him..

Checkout girl - "Hey, you're the guy that likes to bag his own groceries" (is this so odd??)
Hubby - "Well, like is a strong word"
Checkout girl - (giggle) "Oh and you always have a ton of coupons!"
Hubby - (sheepishly, I imagine) "Yea, well, uh, they help"
Checkout girl - "Oh yea, it's smart."

Yep that's right... the Shop Rite checkout girl knows my husband as "the guy who likes to bag and has a lot of coupons". Awesome.

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