Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sprouts and Seedlings

This is a double post from my other blog about my boys

We are very excited to be starting our garden.  Benjamin was very excited!  Here is a little picture tour of our adventures starting seedlings with our own little sprouts.

We gathered empty egg shells, cartons, and small plastic containers for our planting.

Ben and Daddy got to work filling our containers with dirt, and then planting seeds.  

We planted seeds on March 14th.

Meanwhile, Elijah did not want to be left out of the fun so here is his chance to play with some dirt too!  Yea he might have tried to eat it.  He figured out it didn't taste good, so he stopped that pretty quick.

We set up our trays of seeds in their happy home in the far, far, away room where they were protected from curious hands and had lots of sun.  And believe it or not, they began to grow!  Here they are on March 26.

And on April 2.

And today, April 8th.

Next week, Pop-Pop is coming to help us build the garden outside.  

And soon after that, it'll be time to transfer our plants!

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