Monday, May 3, 2010

Come on over... (room #2)

So it's taken me a while to post these, but welcome to room #2 on the house tour.  We started with the playroom.  Now, here is the living room.  It's right next to the playroom, and let's be honest, it's not that exciting.  These pictures were taken more than 2 months ago, but it still looks pretty similar except there is no jumperoo anymore (that got moved down to the basement...), and at the moment, there is no baby watching Signing Times, but that still happens.

My favorite parts of this room?  

The orange wall.  
Oh how I love my orange wall.  Remind me to tell you all sometime about how I picked out the colors for this house having walked through it once and while doped up on percocet.  Or let my mom tell you, that's even better.  But I loooove my orange wall. 

The three wedding photos above the couch.
I love my husband a lot, more than pretty much anything else, but I think I loved my wedding day almost as much as I love him... or at least as much as I love my kids.  Oh wait.... well, it was wonderful... moving on.  I love those pictures because that is where this family, this home, and this household start.  Those are our roots.

The bookshelves.
They're not anything special in and of themselves.  Pretty cheap from IKEA.  In fact, there's been some interesting adjustments that have been made to them in order for them to survive life with two small children and a move to a new house.  I love them, because I love books, we love books.  We have a ridiculous amount of books in our home.  When we were pricing movers for the move, they quoted that we'd have some 140 boxes.  More than 50 of those would be books.  We really like books.

I love that our home tells our story.  It invites you into our lives, to meet us, to know us, and to spend time with us.  I feel like our living room does that.  Passionate Homemaking recently wrote about the purpose of our homes.  Interesting.  Food for thought.

(Notice how I carefully avoided pointing out the lack of curtains, the overflow of toys, and the totally mismatching red chair as the three things I totally dislike about this room...  Yea, we'll work on those.  I told you my whole house is a work in progress.)

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  1. I love your room - especially the orange wall! Also, I think that the combo of the orange wall along with green and red chairs for the boys is a great combination. For me the red does not stick out at all but blends nicely with the other bright colors to help balance the room.

    On another note, these pictures make me realize that we really need to plan a trip up there this summer to see you guys. We really miss you lots!


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