Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mabel's Labels

I recently got to try out Mabel's Labels.  I'd heard about them all over the place from various magazine ads or internet coupons, but I never thought I had a need for them.  Well, I am discovering I do!  Between playgroups, family gatherings with two similar aged cousins, and of course preschool, I find myself needing to label a ton!  I tried Bumpy Name Labels and liked them ok for water bottles and such, but the two major downsides is that they are super hard to get on and off and seem to stretch to almost breaking (or at least unitl the writing is unreadable) on some of our bottles and, even more importantly, I need to label so much more than sippy cups or water bottles! 

Mabel's Labels seems to have the answer.  They have labels for everything under the sun and cute little designs.  My first set of labels has our last name and 3 cute little trees on it!  I love them.  They look awesome on our water bottles when we are hiking (c'mon, the cute factor is essential!), and they are dishwasher safe.  I'll be trying out more of their labels as I prepare for summer camp and back-to-school shopping.  I'll be sure to keep you up to date on my thoughts.

I'm also hoping to get my son's preschool to do a fundraiser.  A fundraiser with almost zero work for the school and for products parents could actually use!  Plus, it makes teacher's life easier by encouraging proper labeling. 

Don't have kids?  Their household labels are awesome!  We no longer have trash and recycling pick-up but if we did, I'd totally be getting a set of these!

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Disclaimer: I'm a Mabel's Buzzmama and have received free samples in exchange for my honest review of their products!

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