Monday, May 3, 2010

The making of the pink bird.

You might recall my fear of school costume making, but if not, go remind yourself here.  I was fairly certain that for the right price, the perfect bird costume could be mine without hot gluing any part of me to a table or inhaling pink feathers.

I searched and searched for somewhere to buy it from.  Someone who would make something that didn't look store bought, that would make something that would convince people that I made it with love and attempted creativity.  No dice.

So here is what we eventually came up with.  I'll come clean, my husband is at least 40% responsible for this.  I'll take credit for the other 60%.  It started with a trip to Walmart (yea, not my favorite place to shop either) where I browsed little boy and little girls clearance clothing, fabric racks, and crafts aisles.  I came home with a few things... some worked, some didn't... we made some alterations and poof ... here's what we had:

We'll avoid talking about the three other 'birds'.  Apparently we need more specific instructions for these costumes if there are a few children playing the same part.

He was the most adorable pink bird I've ever seen that's for sure... don't you agree?

This is what he looked like underneath.
Pink Size 24 months (mind you, B is wearing a 4T normally) girls pants on clearance - $3
Yellow M & M t-shirt that er brought home from Vegas for B in October - Free
Pink hair dye - Mema supplied that since she lives closer to a party store than we do, so - Free (to us at least!)

Then we add on the outside....
Yellow women's sock from Walmart (came in a 3 pack with two other colors) These were worn over his sneakers. - $3
Foam sheets for making feathers a pack of 100 sheets (5 1/2" x 8 1/2") - $4 (on clearance - score!)
1 yard Pink satiny fabric - $2 (on clearance, I don't understand why they'd be clearancing this fabric, doesn' everybody want it for their son's bird costume?)
1 foam visor (which was then cut into a beak shape with the elastic re-threaded into new holes) - $.50 (also on clearance)

And then we needed a few tools to make this work...
Spray adhesive for attaching feathers which cost far too much and ended up not working - $5.50
Giant stapler which replaced the spray adhesive when it became apparent that wasn't working - Free (we borrowed it from church - shhhh...)
Household Scissors - Free
Iron on hem stuff (stitch witchery was the brand I had on hand in our 'sewing' box - haha) - Free
Iron - Free
The most adorable kid with an affinity for pink and a fabulous skill for making screeching bird noises - More $ than you can imagine

So total cost of new supplies for us was - $18.  The results?  Oh c'mon you have to admit... PRICELESS (and oh so very PINK!)

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  1. I think he is the most adorable pink bird I have ever seen. Anyone can glue some feathers on some clothes...but real moms painstakingly cut hundreds of feather shaped foam pieces and glue them all over pink satin :P It looks great!


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