Monday, June 21, 2010

Seven years ago...

Seven years ago, I married this man.

We met at this camp on this staff.

For many years, our relationship took place via AOL instant messenger, email, phone calls that resulted in ridiculously high bills, and webcam and picture conversations like the ones you see below. 
(I know, amazing we ever made it past that point... really it should have been a deal breaker.)

We got married in this dining hall at the camp we met at 6 years prior.
(Not bad for a dining hall, eh?)

Yea, it was supposed to be a lovely outdoor wedding at this chapel. 
The thunder, lightning, and copious precipitation changed that.

A few years later, we had this baby...

and then we had this baby....

Over the years, we've had lots of fun, gone lots of places, and did lots of things.

And over the years, I've tortured him in all sorts of ways.
 Did I mention he was afraid of heights?
I was in labor, give me a break.
Oh please, he thought it was fun.

Yea, I don't really have an excuse for this one.
It couldn't have been that bad, he's stuck around, hasn't he?

Seven years ago, I was so in love with that guy at the very top of this post
(yea this one
that I had no idea that
I could love this guy... much more.


  1. Beautiful, Jamie! Here's to 70x7 more!

  2. Congratulations to a beautiful couple with a beautiful family!

  3. When I stop crying, I will gladly post a comment!

  4. These pictures are so great! What a beautiful timeline. That lawn mower picture cracked me up!! :D

  5. I found your blog via the @IntactByDefault/freedomfromcircumcision-3 list we're both on on Twitter.
    A very entertaining post. I love the pictures. Thank you for sharing your life with us :)

  6. Thanks everyone. I know, I'm a sap. ;)


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