Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Card Displays

Photo credit: Family Fun Magazine Website
 Last year, I was determined to find something fun to do to display the many, many Christmas cards we're blessed to receive.  I settled on this little design from Family Fun magazine!  We had a tomato cage in the garage already so I figured it'd be easy.  It was pretty easy, and we liked it!  I am kicking myself now because I can't find a picture of it, although I swear I took one. 

Photo credit: Family Fun Magazine Website
This year, seeing as we disassembled last year's to use the tomato cage in the garden, I figured we'd try a new one.  I headed back to Family Fun magazine for a new idea and found this.  So that's what we went with!  I had a cardboard box around so we went with that option, and I decided to not paint it white since trees are brown anyway and it'd be going on a white wall.  Not quite magazine quality, but I think it'll work for us!  Can't wait for it be filled with all our holiday greetings!

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