Monday, November 29, 2010

My favorite programs for saving and even making a little money!

Since it's Cyber Monday, I thought I'd share some of my favorite places to save a few dollars and even make a few.  Disclaimer: I do receive some sort of referral bonus for almost all of these sites if you sign up through the link I provide (mostly only after you've made a purchase or completed a survey or whatnot).  I very much appreciate that, but I also want to be completely honest about it.

Ebates is a cash back site.  When shopping online, you go there first, look for where you are shopping and click through there to earn a certain percentage back.  Sometimes it's only 2%; other times it's as high as 35%!  They also have a selection of coupon codes for most sites available which is always nice.  Payout is on a periodic basis, and as long as you have a certain amount in your account, they'll send you a check.  If not, your balance rolls over.  I have $7 sitting in my account right now and by the time Christmas shopping is over, I'll have closer to $15 I'm sure! Bonus - you get $5 just for signing up via the link above!
Shop At Home is another cash back site.  I check both ebates and shopathome everytime I buy online.  Shop at Home tends to have higher cash back for the stores I shop at, but occasionally ebates is better (especially when they run specials).  Same deal - you get a check quarterly as long as you have a certain amount in your account.  I get at last $20/quarter!  It's great. Bonus - you get $5 just for signing up via the link above!

Opinion Outpost
Opinon Outpost is a survey site where you get paid to complete surveys.  They pay out via check or amazon gift card.  It can be frustrating for some people when they don't qualify for a number of surveys.  I go through periods where I don't do it at all, and others where I do it often.  I also go through periods where I qualify for nothing, and sometimes when I qualify for everything.  In the past 9 months, I've made about $80 through this site.

Oh, how I love Swagbucks!  On the most basic level, you use as your search engine and are rewarded randomly with Swagbucks.  These add up and then you can cash them in for all sorts of things, my favorite of which is gift cards.  I've cashed in $280 worth of gift cards in the 9 months I've be using swagbucks.  You can also earn swagbucks for completeing special offers, doing surveys, and finding special swag codes!  If you sign up and you want pointers, leave a comment here and I'll send you some or post some here!

This is the one newest to me, but boy do I love it!  They offer deals for cities across the country for local businesses as well as items that can be shipped nationwide.  My first groupon was for and I got 6 bottles of really great wine for $40 through it!  There are others for quality nuts, photo books, spas, etc.  A lot of people sign-up and then the local stuff is just too far to be convenience, but you can buy groupons from any city location.  When there is a good one going on in another city, often some deal bloggers will post about it and you can go find it from there.

So those are my favorites right now. I've used a ton others, and these are the ones currently making the cut.  I encourage you to check them out.  Otherwise, what are you favorites?

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