Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And now...

I must accept defeat.  I made 25 posts in November, just shy of 30.  I was planning on plugging through the last 5 last night, but my children decided not to go to sleep (and instead send each other into rippling giggle fits in bed for an hour and then have to be calmed down to sleep), and I eventually fell asleep putting them to sleep.  My husband claims he came to wake me up and I growled at him or something, but I'll take that only as heresay!

Nevertheless, I'm glad I wrote 25 posts this month.  It was great to post more regularly, and it was hard to find the time.  I have a few more posts in mind that were going to be written last night so they'll be coming soon, and I hope I can keep a more regular posting pattern through the holidays.  But we'll just have to see how it goes!  Thanks for reading!

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