Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today our Advent calendar told us to make a list of 10 things we were thankful for.  Here's mine.

Jamie is thankful for:
1. The two little boys climbing over the couch and giggling
2. My sarcastic, cynical husband who can't jump, but will try if I ask him to, even if it's just so I can laugh at him.
3. My friends that live in my computer, from blogs to messageboards, people that are friends, resources, sounding boards, and an absolute wealth of infomation
4. My friends that don't live in my computer, because they love me for my craziness and no matter how long goes between us talking, we're there when we need each other.
5. Camp... outdoor ministries all over the world that create transformational experiences for people of all ages through intentional community and personal trusted relationships that form faith.
6. Good beer.
7. My body.
8. Books.  Books everywhere.  Books that I've read, books that I haven't read.  Books that I loved and that I hated.  They've made me laugh, cry, learn, and grow in ways that I could never imagine.
9. Farmers markets.  Oh how I love farmer's markets.  Fresh, local, delicious food!
10.  Extended family, who I love in small doses, get overwhelmed with quickly, but know they'd drop everything if I needed them!

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