Monday, January 17, 2011

Links I Love

I follow more blogs than I'm willing to admit.  Ask my husband.  The other night I began to count all of those my in google reader, and well I stopped at a very high number because I just wasn't willing to go any higher.  This experience has convinced me of two things.

First, I need to unsubscribe from some blogs.  There, I said it, and it wasn't nearly as painful as I expected.  This shouldn't be too hard to begin with because I have a number of blogs in my reader that I've noticed I've been 'marking as read' without reading on a regular basis.  As I find myself doing that in the next few days, I'm going to be clicking that 'unsubscribe' button.  One more way to declutter and simplify my life.

Second, I need to share some of these fabulous posts I read with you!  So on a semi-regularly basis, because let's be honest and admit I do nothing on a real regular basis when it comes to blogging, I'll put up a 'Links I Love' post with a few of the posts that are particularly resonating with me around the blogosphere.  I could dream of this being a weekly thing, but let's start small.

So here are some Links I Love:

Why I Love to Run by the Luthearn Zephyr

"I love to run, simply for the space, the adrenelin, the fitness, and the feel-good it gives me.  Not the deepest words I've ever posted on this blog, but perhaps the better things in life aren't always honest or deep ... simply great experiences that causes one to give thanks to God..."

Building the Legacy Your Children Will Remember by Simple Mom
"I think that’s an incredible reminder that as parents we can dream, plan, and act on all of the things that we want our children to remember about us — or not.  We are building a legacy every day, whether or not we are intentional about it...."

Are You Setting Limits? by Nourish MD
"... healthy people have to say no to a lot of the foods offered to them.  The foods are offered with the best of intentions and often with love, but if we eat everything available to us in the 'outside' world, we will be on a fast-track to poor eating habits and poor health."

Everyday Ways to Foster Independence in Kids by Simple Mom (Yes, I love her!)
"...I know when I was a kid, I loved being around adults that treated me respectfully. I want my children to feel the same around me. What a blessing to (hopefully) see them move in to adulthood with tools to make wise decisions, and to think critically without being told how to think."

Hiking with Children at Mothering magazine
"You need not be a botanist or zoologist or an Outward Bound instructor to introduce your child to nature. As Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods notes "Many of us must overcome the belief that something is not worth doing with our kids unless we do it right. If getting our kids into nature is a search for perfection, or is one more chore, then the belief in perfection and the chore defeats the joy." Use your parenting common sense, and enjoy the walk."

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  1. I have so often come to my Google reader & left, stunned. And also slightly disappointed because I know there's NO. WAY. I'd be able to read everything there, and yet, I know I ADDED each blog at one point or other for a good reason.

    I love posts that share good links - it's a great way to selectively read.

    (ps: glad I clicked on your blog in my reader this morning)


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