Monday, February 7, 2011

Links I Love

Here we go with some more links I love.

What's a GMO & Why You Should Care Guest Post by Robyn O'Brien of the Allergy Kids Foundation on the Wellness Bitch
"Well, if truth is any indicator, our kids don’t seem to be digesting these foreign proteins all too well. And while correlation is not causation, the stunning increases that we are seeing in the number of kids with food allergies (not to mention the big kids raising them) since the introduction of these foreign proteins into the food supply in 1994 should serve as a canary in the coalmine that maybe this new technology just might not be as safe as the scientists blasting these proteins into our food supply (and then patenting them for their novelty) had hoped it would be."

Everybody's Afraid of Something by Kitchen Stewardship
"As much as I claim that I’m all about the positive, taking baby steps, and doing what I can to be healthy without worrying so much about what’s “unhealthy,” well…I still get all tight in my chest when I realize that the yogurt at my in-laws’ house, where my kids will be this weekend, is sweetened with Splenda, they only have skim milk, and it’s a gamble as to whether they’ll have butter, ‘light’ butter (what IS that anyway??), standard margarine or the latest “heart healthy” tub blend."

Get Your Paint On by Free Spirit Knits
You have to watch the video.  I love it.

Our Parenting Philosophy in 10 Words or Less by Just West of Crunchy
"I really believe that “a person’s a person, no matter how small.”  That makes it a whole lot easier for me to decide how it’s acceptable to interact with people and parent my child.  Dr. Seuss said brilliantly, in less than ten words, what a lot of parenting books (and this blog post) take hundreds and thousands of words to say.  Amen, Mr. Geisel, amen."

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