Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Goals: Spring Race Schedule

Back in November, I told you all of my goal to finish 2010 strong with the goal of a running a New Year's Day 5k in under 30 minutes. November and December got overwhelming and running (and health) took a back seat.  I didn't run that 5K.

Then, I announced on my personal facebook page that on February 12, I would be running a Cupid's Chase 5k, and that my goal was to finish in under 30 minutes.  That's not going to happen.

As life continues to overwhelm and schedules and weather make it near impossible to run regularly, I am re-evaluating.  I took some time without a race on the schedule to feel out what I wanted from my running and what I could work into my schedule.  I've discovered that with or without a race on the calendar, running in the winter is hard.  It's not actually so much about the cold or the weather, but it's just the place I find myself physically and emotionally.  I've discovered even with weeks and months of barely squeezing in one to two runs a week, I still want to run.  It's not a passing phase.  My body, mind, and soul remember the way running regularly made me feel, and I am committed to being there again.  I've discovered it's much harder to run once a week than it is to run three to four times a week.  When you are running once a week, every time is like starting over.  You know it's going to suck almost every time you go out.  You know your fitness is not improving the way you want, and it's just not nearly as fun.  The only way to solve this is to suck it up, get out there, and run more often getting over that hump.

With these things in mind, I have built a race schedule for the spring.  I can say I am more excited about the races toward the end of the spring than the ones in the beginning, but that's because I know by then I'll be feeling good.  I also know to feel that good I have to get through the beginning of this schedule.  There's a pretty big gap in April and I might throw something in there at the last minute, but for now this is what I plan on...

Saturday, March 12 St. Patrick's Day 5K Morristown, NJ
This is a 5K about the time I was looking for one.  It's about an hour from where I live.  And it's on a Saturday, which is important because so many races are on Sundays making it difficult for my church-going, church-working family.  My goal is to set a PR (personal record) on this, but maybe not under 30 minutes.  My best 5K time in my life was 32:41.  If I start running, I can set a PR. BUT, and you all are hearing me say this, I will run this race whether I am going to set a PR or not.  I will run this race whether I have trained or not.  I will not quit on this one.

Sunday, May 1 The Gettysburg North-South Marathon Relay Gettysburg, PA
Don't get too excited about that marathon word.  I'll be running one leg of a four part relay.  My leg will either be 7 or 7.3 miles.  I am excited about this because it will be in Gettysburg, a town I love having gone to both undergraduate and graduate school there.  I am excited about this because it will be my first time as any part of a marathon event.  And I am most excited about this because I'm running with my running inspiration who is a dear friend of mine and ran my first 10K with me, her husband, and another friend.

Sunday, May 15 Super Hero Half Marathon Morristown, NJ
Yes, you read that right.  A half marathon.  Wow.  It's still a bit of a shock to me. I'll be following the Beginner Training Plan on their site.  And I'm hoping that my aforementioned running inspiration will run this one with me as well.  I excited and terrified by this challenge.  But I think this is the perfect half for me as running makes me feel like just that, a super hero.  I can and will do this.  Remind me of that when I'm freaking out in another month or so.

Saturday, June 25 Run Amuck 5K Mud Run Harriman State Park, NY
And this is the one that I might be the most excited about.  Running through a state park through mud and obstacles in the middle of June?  Sounds amazing!  I can't wait.  I'll need to concentrate on some serious strength training to feel comfortable going into these obsacles so I am excited about that as well.  And once again, I am running with friends, at least one maybe more.

So there you have it.  My spring running schedule.  I have officially registered and paid for all the events listed.  There is no backing out now.  And to start off, I'll be going for a rather windy run later this afternoon!


  1. Simultaneously doable and ambitious ... good luck!

  2. YAY running!!! you can totally do this!! i will be cheering you on from afar! half Marathons are my FAVORITE distance! enough to get a "runner's high" but not so far that you hit the wall. good luck!

  3. Wow! Good for you! My friend is doing something called the Warrior Dash or something in PA I think in June. Have you heard of that one? Its pretty crazy with lots of obstacles.


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