Monday, February 7, 2011


First of all, this is a shameless plug.  I'm getting nothing in return for this.  I just want to share it with you because I am totally excited about it, and I think you should be too.

Meet Dawn.  Life Coach.  Performer.  Author.  And all-around awesome person.
I added that last part myself.  But it's true.
 I met Dawn a few years back through my work on the event team for a youth ministry organization.  That's where I've met a lot of the cool people in my life.  But, don't click away just yet if you're not a Christian or not into youth ministry, because that just happens to be where I met Dawn.  That's not a box you can put her in.  In fact, there isn't any box that you can put Dawn in.

One of my favorite things that Dawn does is writing a great blog.  You know the kind of blog that you get to excited to see there is new posts when you're going through your blog reader?  Yep, that kind.  Go ahead, give her a follow.  She even blogged about the time she stayed at my house just a month after we'd moved in and helped us get ready for a housewarming party for our entire congregation!

And she's a life coach.  Up until now, I haven't had the opportunity to work with her, although it's been on my list.  But now, Dawn has started some amazing new e-courses that are so accessible, I couldn't miss the opportunity..  So starting tomorrow, I will be a part of the Personalize e-course for 4 weeks.   Here's her description.

Personalize: Who are you created to be?
  • Week 1: Your past: What gifts and talents have always been true about you?
  • Week 2: Your present: What reality have you created for yourself?
  • Week 3: Your future: How can you leverage your talents to create the most good in your world?
  • Week 4: Your statement: What phrase embodies who you are and what you are best at doing?
 Not your cup of tea?  Check out the other course, Organize!  I'll be sure to keep you posted about the course and what I'm learning, but I really hope that some of you will join me, meet Dawn, and explore with us over the next four weeks about who you were created to be.  I can't wait!

Dawn can be found at her website, on twitter, and on facebook.

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  1. Totally interested in the organize course! Hmmm...gonna look into that. You'll have to blog about your experiences in the personalize one!

    Oh...and I love when I see you have a new post! :-) Always learn something!


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