Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Personal Mission Statement

I mentioned at the beginning of February about the fabulous e-course I was taking with Dawn Trautman.  It was just as fabulous as anticipated, and she's about to start a new round of courses that you should check out.  The course I took was called Personalize.
Personalize: Explore Who You are Created to Be
  • Week 1: Your past: What gifts and talents have always been true about you?
  • Week 2: Your present: What reality have you created for yourself?
  • Week 3: Your future: How can you leverage your talents to create the most good in your world?
  • Week 4: Your statement: What phrase embodies who you are and what you are best at doing?
I enjoyed the course for so many reasons. I enjoyed sitting down with my cup of coffee each morning to read the day's post and consider the questions presented. I enjoyed forcing myself to take time that was focused on me in the midst of our busy lives. I enjoyed reading and dialoging with the other students in the class and receiving helpful feedback and observations on my own thoughts. And I really enjoyed stripping away the layers of identities I've taken on over the years to discover what is true of myself over time and space.

Walking away with a personal mission statement was a big goal of mine, as I feel strongly that mission statements help to inform and guide us in our lives.  They ground us and focus us.  They give us something to weigh our decisions against. It is helpful to say, "These are things I value. This is who I know myself to be. Knowing that, what do I do in situation?  Do I say yes to this? Do I move in this direction or that?" As I've struggled with my own identity as a stay-at-home mom called to motherhood and ministry, and as I've felt pulled to act passionately in so many areas of my life, I have yearned for this kind of clear articulation.  In this e-course, I was able to find and create this.

Without further ado, I present to you my personal mission statement:

My mission is, rooted in the sacred, to passionately seek growth and inspire wellness in myself, my family, and my community.

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  1. This is beautiful Jamie! I am so glad the e-course helped you uncover this statement. Thanks also for the rave review!


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