Friday, April 29, 2011

Eco-Eggs Review: Yes, I'm more than a little late.

I wanted to share a review of the Eco-Eggs kit we tried this year.  I know it's more than a little late, BUT if I wait until next year I'll forget, and this way next year I can link to this post at the appropriate time.  In my defense, the kit barely arrived in time for Easter, let alone to use ahead of time and post a review.

I bought this kit.  I have no connection with the company whatsoever.  I saw a good deal on it, and I thought I'd try it to save me a little time and mostly the thinking involved with making my own natural dyes for the first time. The verdict: Not Worth it.

This kit came cutely packed, though ridiculously late from the deal site I bought it from (I won't buy from them ever again. I ordered March 28, and I did not receive until April 21.)

The kids had fun of course.  The colors were naturalish but pretty. The eggs had to stay in the dyes for twenty minutes at a time which was difficult for the two and four year old to understand, though admittedly we took them out a lot sooner and they turned out okay.  I also know this is a reality with all natural egg dying.  The "cut-outs" the website promises to decorate the eggs are on the reverse of the wrap and would take some serious taping in order to attach them to the egg in any interesting way. Overall, it just didn't impress.  It would have been worth the work to make the natural dyes myself exploring the different foods that make different colors which I will do next year. But, I am glad to have switched to a natural kit from the traditional ones we've used in years past.

Here are some instructions for naturally dying eggs on your own:

Naturally Dyed Eggs at Healthy Child Healthy World

Natural Easter Egg Dye at Peaceful Parenting

Did you dye eggs this year?  Did you branch out and try something new?  How'd it go?

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