Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Belated Earth Day!

Earth Day, one of most favorite days, got a little lost in the shuffle for us this year.  My older son was baptized on Earth Day four years ago, and so we celebrate his baptismal birthday each year on Earth Day.  This year, it was also Good Friday which is not only an important day in our faith and my favorite religious holiday, but also the midst of an extremely stressful week for a pastor's family. Finally, this week a few close friends have experienced losses that has left my heart aching for them. Add all of that to my bad couple of days in the middle of the week and wow... it's no wonder Earth Day got a little lost.

I did make a few Earth Day purchases or plans for purchases in the near future.  Earth Day is not about buying stuff or needing to buy stuff to go green. In fact, most often, you can make green choices without buying anything or with a few very simple items. But there were a few things we've been wanting to acquire in order to avoid some of our plastic and non-reusable items, and earth day sales seemed like a good time for that. So here's a little shopping love.

From Hip Mountain Mama (one of my favorite places to buy earth-friendly, fair-trade goods), I ordered two glass smoothie straws, a stainless steel food storage container called a Tiffin, and a cloth coffee filter (which I was so thrilled to find as our coffeemaker doesn't take any of the regular re-usable ones you can buy).  I might have also thrown in a necklace for me as a treat.

We also invested in some durable glass dishes and bowls for the kids so we could purge the remaining few plastic items as well as some additional cloth snack and sandwich bags to replace some of ours we had misplaced or accidentally ruined with a trip through the dryer (it was my Mom, and well you can't complain when Mom does laundry even if it does melt your sandwich wrapper.

Finally, I'm ordering glass spray bottles and the necessary essential oils for a insect spray recipe that I absolutely love.  I'll even be investing in rose oil (and thankfully splitting the purchase with friends as that stuff is expensive) because it is amazingly effective as a tick repellent.  I look forward to us being tick and bug free all summer long without the use dangerous and toxic chemicals.

I'm excited about a few new green acquisitions, and I love learning to continually reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the healthiest lifestyle possible for my family.

So we didn't blog or celebrate Earth Day the way I might usually, but you know I'll be back in the next few months sharing more of the ways we are going green and why it's so important to us. We'll continue making one small change every month to improve the way we live. After all, Earth Day is a great start, but we all need to live like the Earth is a priority every day.


  1. Jamie, would you mind sharing your repellent recipe? I tried one recently and just killed a buggie on the front porch. Obviously, mine isn't effective. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. This is as written by my friend Amara of I love the recipe because it's light and easy to spray on clothes or directly on skin. We've used Buzz Away Extreme but it is kind of lotiony which is hard when sometimes you want to protect clothed areas from bugs crawling up pantlegs, etc. Plus then you have to rub it in.

    All-Purpose BUG REPELLENT Recipe:
    This repellent is great for black flies, bed bugs, mosquito, and ticks.It is a great alternative to toxic chemicals in the commercial products. REMEMBER: your skin is
    your largest organ. If you spray a neurotoxin on your skin it WILL go into your bloodstream and brain. If you are going to a heavily
    tick-infested area, I would add the rose oil to your blend. It is expensive but a little goes a long way, and Lyme Disease is no laughing matter.

    4 oz. spray bottle (glass if possible)

    10-15 drops Purification®

    3 drops peppermint

    3 drops Thieves®

    3-4 drops rose (optional, best for ticks)

    1 oz. vodka

    3 oz. water

    I spend a lot of time outdoors and am usually eaten alive by mosquitoes. This is the first year I am not completely covered in bites. I have actually seen a mosquito come near me and fly away. If I am going to be in wooded or heavily tick infested area, I add four drops of rose oil to this blend. Rose is the best natural tick repellent.


    This recipe is made with Young Living brand essential oils. Some of the oils are proprietary blends so they might be hard to duplicate elsewhere. I became a Young Living distributor to get the oils at a discount for my family. I also plan on making a bunch of extra bottles of this bug spray and giving it to friends and family at cost which is about $8 without the rose oil, or $16 with the rose oil.


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