Friday, May 27, 2011

Dandelion Tea

For a few days, my google reader (to which I have a minor addiction) was full of posts by people making yummy things with dandelions. A lot of people were making tea, but I also read one post about making syrup. I took one look at my yard which was full of them, and I knew I had to join in!

I began to do a little reading about dandelions, and I remembered taking dandelion supplements during pregnancy when I was battling gallstones. Apparently, those little buggers that cover my lawn are really dang good for you. The list of benefits go on and on including liver, digestive, and bone health.

You can eat every part of the dandelion from root to flower although the stems are known to be quite bitter. The petals are good for tea and syrup. Roots can be dried for making your own supplements or added to tea. The greens can be sauteed or eaten in salad. The more I read about these plants, I actual start to feel guilty for letting all this fabulous food in my lawn go to waste while I am busy in my garden.

Of course, you want to make sure any dandelions your pick are, in fact, dandelions as well as being free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, heavy foot or car traffic, or animal droppings.

My boys had a blast discovering they could eat these lovely flowers they'd been picking for me all spring. They ran around to harvest them. We didn't dig up roots, but for simplicity's sake, I kept flower, stem, and leaves intact. I rinsed them well. Boiled for a few minutes, and rinsed them again. Then I boiled again for about 10 minutes and strained the tea out with a coffee filter.  The kids and I enjoyed the tea with a little bit of honey. Yum!

My husband said a neighbor growing up used to make dandelion wine. Now, that's a project I could get interested in...


  1. When I was a guest for about a week with a host family in Germany in 1985, we had homemade dandelion wine my last night with them. It's been many years, but I do recall it was delicious.


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