Monday, May 30, 2011

Links I Love

It's been since I posted a Links I Love post but my google reader has been so full of awesome stuff lately that I have to pass some of these along.

Jen @ Priorfatgirl talks about #projectflowerbomb, her response to the tornado in North Minneapolis has been inspiring. There was also a great newspaper article about it.  I worked with Lutheran Disaster Response for a summer doing summer day camps for kids who had recently been through natural disasters making disaster relief a cause close to my heart. What I love about #projectflowerbomb is the message of hope it brings to a hurting community.

 Healthy Child Healthy World's video Sound the Alarm is a great call for us to spread the word to those we love about the chemicals in our lives and alternatives. I think most of us can remember someone being that alarm for us, so be that alarm for someone you care about. We can make a huge difference by educating others compassionately.

Katy Widrick's The Surprising Reason I Love Yoga reminds me why I love yoga and is the final nudge I needed to get me to sign up for some yoga classes at a local studio.

Digital Sabbatical + Your Hormones was a nudge towards a practice I've been reluctantly drawn to since reading about Unplugged Sunday over at Beauty That Moves.  Even before that, I was drawn to Cyber Sabbath. Now, it's time to figure out how to work this into our lives in a way that feels freeing instead of confining.

Do you wear shoes in your house?  We don't, and I was happy to hear that I wasn't the only one who had trouble taming the shoe pile along with a reminder of all the reasons we deal with the shoe pile in order to avoid the chemicals and toxins that shoes can bring into a home.

Alight I'll stop there even though there are so many others.  What are you favorite links on the web right now?

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