Monday, May 16, 2011

PLANKS Challenge

First off, I did 13.1 miles. I'll blog about it soon, but at the moment I'm avoiding it. I'm as emotionally and mentally drained as I am physically. Thanks for all your support and encouragement! Now onto the next challenge. I've got a mud run in 6 weeks, and that means I need to do some strength training!

The #fitblog PLANKS Challenge comes at the perfect time for me! The challenge runs May 16 (today!) - June 26 (the day after my mud run!). The program is simple - set your own goals and make your own program. But there's lots of support by following along on twitter, facebook, and blogs! I'll be blogging weekly with the blog topics as outlined by Morgan at Life After Bagels. Check out that post for some tips and techniques from a personal trainer to do this plank challenge right!

The challenge starts today, so I started with my plank test. I was able to hold a high plank (like the one in the logo above, opposed to the one on your elbows, you can choose however you'd like to do this) for 1 minute 43 seconds. I was totally surprised by how long I was able to stay in plank to start. I think I underestimate my strength at times, but it still needs major improvement. Also, I have to fight for good form the entire time.

Jamie's PLANKS Challenge


Test Plank: 1 minute 43 seconds
Goal Plank: 5 minutes
Plan: Incorporate plank training into my schedule at 4 days/week. 
I'm not sure on details, but will update as I go along.

But wait, it gets better. The first week's blog topic is Plank Partner.  That's right, I need a partner! I'd be delighted if any of you decided to join in, but I also managed to recruit a real-life-live-in partner!  Crazy, eh?  Yep, my husband has agreed to suffer along with me just to prove how much he loves me.

Chris's PLANKS Challenge

Test Plank: 1 minute 7 seconds (not without swearing at me)
Goal Plank: 3 minutes
Plan: I need a plan? I have no idea.

So anyone else ready to join us?  Swimsuit season is almost upon us, or in my case, the opportunity to drag my sorry butt through crazy mud covered obstacles for 3.1 miles.


  1. I'll do it. Gotta get this body in shape for Branson! Email me the details.

  2. I'd like to be in. I'd also like to be out. If you know what I'm sayin'...

  3. Emailed ya Court. There's also chat up on the *that* mom facebook page.

    E - I hear ya. Keep me posted! Been thinking about you!

  4. YUP! I'm in. I'm heading to your fb page now!! Thanks for the motivation!!
    PS Thanks for all the support with my program! xoxo

  5. I'd like some details too.

  6. There's some chat on the *that* mom facebook page and info in the links in the post above, but otherwise, you test how long you can hold a plank, set a goal for 6 weeks from ow, and set your own plan of how you're gonna get there. The first week or two I'm just trying it out and getting some core and plank workouts in and then I might set a more *specific* plan after I see how it's going.


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