Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day: I run..

It's National Running Day! I made it out this morning for a short 3 miles. I've been feeling kind of blah with my running since the half marathon. I've been bored with my runs, annoyed at my paces, and struggling to find motivation to get out. National Running Day was a great excuse to get out and mix it up a little!

I headed to the Appalachian Trail where it crosses by my house.  There's a great boardwalk section and then it goes off into the woods for a bit of a trail run. It was not an easy 3 miles, but it was a fun 3 miles! I enjoyed it. I definitely see more trail running in my future. How could I not when I have places like this nearby to run?
(these pictures are not from today, but same place!)


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