Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Success! Planks, running, and new goals...

I've set a few goals for myself over the past few months, and I'm here to celebrate meeting those goals!

In February, I laid out my spring race schedule. It started with a March 5k that I wanted to PR in but committed to run it even if I knew that wasn't going to happen. I knew it wasn't going to happen, and I ran it anyway.
5k - check!

Next, there was the Gettysburg Marathon Relay, my first time to be any part of a marathon event. My leg was to be around 7 miles. I ran my 7.2 mile leg and added 4 more miles to complete an 11 mile total training run.
Gettysburg Relay - check!

Then, I was hit with my first ever Half Marathon. I wanted to finish. I did. Check!
Finish half marathon - check!
Finally, my schedule ended with a super fun time at the Run Amuck Mud Run (separate post coming about that adventure) I was worried about being strong enough for this, and my work paid off. I ran and had a total blast. Check!
Laugh my way through a mud run - check!

I'm completely thrilled to have laid out a plan and fulfilled it despite weeks and months where things came up, training was lacking, and life got in the way. I didn't let my perfectionism get to me, because not doing it perfectly but still doing it is way better than not doing it at all.

And of course, I joined the PLANKS Challenge. I wanted to go from being able to hold a plank for less than 2 minutes to a total of a 5 minutes in 6 weeks, and you know what? I did it!

What's next?

There may be a race or two to add to this. Inspired by this post from the Fitness Cheerleader, I've set my sights on my next half marathon and am planning my summer accordingly.

Saturday, July 2 The Joey Lavin Foudation 5k Augusta, NJ
On June 18, I tried to run my sister's first 5k with her at the Philadelphia Zoo. She just completed the couch-to-5k program and I was so happy for her! Somehow, the race organizers managed a huge miscommunication about the route and cut an entire mile off the course. This Saturday, we will re-attempt her first ever 5k!

Monday, September 6 Warwick Lions Labor Day 5k Warwick, NY
I ran this last year as the culmination of my couch-to-5k training. I am super excited to run it again, hopefully faster (maybe a PR if my half training is going well?)!

Sunday, October 2 OCNJ Half Marathon Ocean City, NJ
I am super excited to be running my second half marathon. Kristie will be running it again with me after doing the Super Hero with me in May. Additionally, Paula will be joining us! Luckily, my in-laws live near there and have said they'll help with the kids since my husband can't take another Sunday off. I think I've settled on the Hal Higdon Intermediate Training Plan with some adjustments.

Finally, I'll be joining in the next FitBlog Chats Challenge!

FitBlog Chats
Check out the link above and join me! All it takes is doing 3,000 abdominal exercises in 35 days. They don't have to be crunches or situps, and like the Planks Challenges, they'll be bloggers with weekly topics and instructional videos with exercise ideas. Once a week, update the form to track your progress.  Who's with me?

What goals have you set for yourself?  What have you accomplished recently?

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