Friday, July 15, 2011

What's Growing in My Garden

It's a beautiful day, and I am enjoying a little bit of on my porch with some green smoothie catching up on a few computer things. I love this spot!

It's time for a garden update. It's getting pretty exciting in our garden, and despite some flea beetle issues, things are doing pretty well.
Just kind of looks like a jungle from here.
 We got a lot of lettuce, some spinach and some kale. Unfortunately with some really hot weeks and full sun, our lettuce bolted early this year. Our front porch hanging baskets are doing okay, although they'd be doing a lot better if we watered them more often. We might transplant them into the garden to get a second right of lettuce.

Our strawberries are done for the season but we got a couple pounds out of them despite having some tiny critter climbing in to chew on some.  We are still getting handfuls of grean beans at a time but we just didn't have enough seedlings make it for those to be plentiful.

Tomatoes are looking good. We picked 5 big zucchinis and two tiny purple peppers from our chinese five color pepper plants.

Our herbs are doing great except when I forget to water them (oops). Our extra beds we planted without fencing got half eaten but we expected that. They are some happy tomato plants in them though.

I need to start figuring out fall garden stuff because I'd really like to do a second planting this year. Do you plant a second crop? Any tips or resources?

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