Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I love...

I love... that a 3 mile run seems like too short of a workout.

I love... that there is such a thing as an easy 5 mile run.

I love... that my idea of a 'splurge' is a device that will help me train smarter while continuing to set and achieve tangible achievable goals. (I don't love that it arrived not working, but we're going to fix that).
Garmin Forerunner 305 (arrived broke, but fixing that)
 I love... finding music that makes me want to move faster. (Another post with a race playlist is coming soon...)

I love... that I have a 5k in 12 days and instead of lamenting how unprepared I am but convincing myself to run it anyway, I'm pushing myself to prove that I can break a personal record (PR) that I set 6 years ago.

I love... that today I ran the fastest 5k I have in 6 years outside with rolling hills. Just 11 seconds faster, and I will have that PR.

I love... that I can have awful runs and bounce back. I love redemption runs.

I love... that I run for me, and no one else. It's not about being skinny, losing weight, or anything else. It's about me, setting goals and accomplishing them. It's about figuring out what I need to succeed. It's about the freedom that getting strong, healthy, and happy gives me.

I love... that every day I run, I feel happier, stronger, and more like me.

I love... running. Not just the after-run feeling anymore. I love it while I'm doing it. It makes me smile. And I love that.

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