Tuesday, September 6, 2011

PUSH: Labor Day 5k Race Recap

I told you about my goals for the Labor Day 5k.  Most importantly, I wanted to push myself leaving everything I had on the race course. After that, I really wanted to beat my times from March as well as last year's Labor Day 5k but also beat a 5K Personal Record (PR) from June 2005.

A recap of the numbers...
Labor Day 5K 2010 - 34:29
St. Patty's Day 5K March 2011 - 33:58
5K PR June 2005 - 32:41

I nailed it. My Garmin time was 30:26. My official clock time (that includes the time before I could make it across the starting line as I stuck towards the back of the pack) was 30:46. That's the absolute fastest I have a run a 5K in my life. My goal was to push, and I pushed.

My split times were:

1 - 10:02
2 - 10:10
3 - 9:39
.1 - :45 (7:17 pace!!)

Yes, that's me sprinting into the finish with everything I had left.

To be honest, I am so freaking proud of myself. I trained well despite setbacks. I focused on my goal. I pushed myself to a place I've dreamed of being for six years. Six years ago when I ran my first 5Ks (three of them before quitting until last year), I dreamed of running a 5K with a sub 10 minute mile. Done.
As I was preparing mentally, I kept reminding myself to push. In previous races, I ran like I did in my training runs. I didn't understand the idea that you should race faster than your training times. I figured I got my body to do something, I practiced it, and I replicated it. I like consistency. In reality, during races you are supposed to pull out every ounce of strength you have conditioned into your body through consistent training and run faster than you ever have.

As I psyched myself up, I argued whined about this push thing (which at some point starts to sound a little too much like childbirth as my husband noted, but indulge me.) Push like I haven't pushed before? But I feel like all I do is push. I push to do more and more. I push to fit more into the day. I push to find more patience than I have. I push to meet everyone's needs at all possible times being the perfect mom, wife, board president, and everything else I can't possibly be all at once. How could I possible push more and why should I?

I could push more, and I did beause this was about me pushing me. I spend a lot of the rest of the time allowing myself to be pushed and pulled in this direction and that. Pushed to fit more into my calendar, into my day, and into my head than is healthy. I am pushed to my breaking point emotionally, mentally, and physically by the strains and drains of every day life. I have to lead this, volunteer here, learn this, be that, and so much more. Pushing myself in this run was about taking the control back and choosing how and why I wanted to push myself. When I take back the control, when I do the planning and the preparation, and when I decide to be the one making the priorities and sticking to them (with the loving support of my family), that's when pushing is both successful and rewarding.

I am loving pushing myself to go the places I want to go and to be the person I want to be.

And now for some gratuitous cute pictures of my kids who ran yesterday, too!  This was Ben's second year running this race and third race overall. He really wants to do a looong run, so I am working to find a mile race and start running with him. This was Elijah's first race which was totally cute.

All the runners, post race with our ribbons.

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  1. Really proud of you Jamie! Such an inspiration!


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