Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Do You Need for Your Journey

Last night, I had the opportunity to preview Dawn Trautman's new webinar she'll be hosting this evening, Thursday Sept. 1, at 9pm EDT, Smooth Travels: 10 Essentials You Must Pack for the Journey to Your Next Big GoalFrom the registration page,
You know what to pack for your next road trip, but what do you pack when your "journey" is toward a big new goal? Embark on your next big adventure equipped with these 10 essentials.

If you are launching a new program at work, entering a new phase of life or pursuing a lifelong personal goal, find out what you need to "pack" in order to be organized and prepared in ways that increase your chances of success. Learn specific, action-oriented techniques as well as new ways to think about your goals.

This free 60-minute webinar includes real-life stories, high-impact tips, and exercises for you to complete on your own. Your time is valuable, and this may be among the most valuable 60 minutes you invest all week. 

I've talked a little bit before about Dawn as I've taken her eCourses: Personalize, Organize, and Realize. Dawn is a board certified life coach (one of the first!) and writes a blog full of juicy nuggets from travel tips to new perspectives on your day to day life. One of the things I've enjoyed about the eCourses with Dawn is how she breaks things down into manageable pieces so something that seems really vague and like it might not helpful to your life is suddenly very applicable and you can see the real life results. Her webinar was no different.

Last night Dawn said something that struck me, and I hope she wont mind me quoting it here. She it said in describing what she does and where she comes from as a life coach - "I live, work, and volunteer completely within my passions and gifts and believe you can, too". There is great power in that, in aligning your goals with your gifts and passions so that you can spend more time, even all of your time, doing things that make your soul sing. It can be hard to imagine, but that's what Dawn does. She helps you imagine just that and then figure out what you need to do to get there.

So last night, after a chaotic day around our house (well a chaotic couple of days including hurricane prep and storm, road closures, lack of power, and flooding all over our area, and my mom hurting her back), I scrambled to be ready for the webinar. I made it just in time.

Ready with my computer, pen and paper, and a glass of something yummy
The webinar was fun to listen to, but I also had to do the work. She's not kidding when she says have your pencil and paper ready. The beauty of that was that you get a take away. So many things like this are all theory or vague ideas so that once the session is over, it can be difficult to implement them into your life. Or sometimes webinars are just a big commercial keeping you from the real content until you sign up for courses or services. This wasn't like that at all! 

Dawn walks you through the process of really thinking about a specific goal of yours unpacking "what you need to pack" for the journey to that goal. She provides you with skills, tips, and processes that can apply to any goal at any time meaning these are lifelong skills. Plus, this is an opportunity to get a glimpse at how Dawn works and what she's all about for FREE (plus you get a few discounts at the end in case you decide you'd like to work with Dawn on a more regular basis). It's like a little taste of life coaching. But let me reiterate, it is not just one big commercial. Even if you have it set in your head that you have no desire to work with a life coach or take an eCourse, there is content that is useful and fun in this webinar. It's definitely worth the hour of your time! 
I am in the middle of training for my second half marathon. I have a training plan I'm following trying to prepare mentally and physically. During the webinar, I had a few realizations, but I'll just share one with you. I realized I need to stop letting other add-on goals squeeze their way in making my real goal less manageable. If my goal is to run my second half marathon in the same or less time as my first, then that's it. I can't make qualifiers about feeling a certain a way when I finish, or losing a certain number of pounds before race day, or continuing to shave time off my goal time.  The more I add to my goal the less realistic it becomes. When the game is always changing, I can't plan accordingly or stay focused.

So check it out. It's free, and it's a great excuse to tell the family you're taking a little you time, grab a pencil, some paper, and your beverage of choice (a nice cup of tea would be lovely, but I went for a glass of wine), and think about how you are going to get to where you want to be.

The Fine Print: I received a discounted life coaching session in return for previewing the webinar to test out the technology. This post was not part of the 'deal'. It is simply my desire to share the opportunity with you. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own. 

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