Thursday, October 27, 2011

Finding the Awesome

I am not always very good at being positive. It's just not something that comes easily to me, especially on days with little sleep, many demands, and patience all but gone. I get crabby. I get negative. When a friend texts me to ask how my day is going, I furiously type some snarky comment about my children's frustrating behavior.

Sometimes those days pile up on each other.  Those snarky comments may stand innocent on their own but when combined they create a giant ball of negativity. That negativity makes it easy to lose focus of all the things that make my life and my kids awesome.

As we maneuver through a bit of a rough patch in our family, I decided I wanted a reminder of how great my kids were for those days when I was convinced they were out to get me. I know that the very traits that drive me to the brink of insanity are the ones that will catapult them to success in adulthood.

Here's a look at my kids in all of their spirit and intensity...

My kids are awesome.

While I was working on these collages (which took far longer than they should have because life is life), I came across two blog posts that hit the mark on the shift I was trying to make.

How to Parent - What's Your Meaning?
Mission Possible: Are you up for it?

There's power in seeing the best of people, assuming the most positive intentions, and beyond assuming, taking the time to really figure out what's going on from another person's (especially your child's) perspective. There's power in immersing ourselves in the gifts each person in our family and in our life brings to us.

I'm going to blow up these collages and hang them in my boys' room so that we can all be reminded of how awesome they are on a daily basis.


  1. Hi, just found your blog yesterday, and let me say - I can totally relate to you. And I can totally relate to this post. I even have more negativity due to the fact that I work all day, only spend a few waking hours with my kids, and they still frustrate me. The collage is great. It's nice to try to focus on the positive. Once you start it can become easier (or so I hear)

  2. When I would get frustrated with my two (they are 24 and 21 now) I would make sure to watch them sleep. It melted away most of the day's 'stuff' and then I'd be reminded that is just 'stuff'. We shouldn't ignore it, but it is just 'stuf'.


  3. Allyson - just checked out your blog and love it! Added it to me reader. And yes, I hear the once you start, it can get easier - here's hoping, right?!

    Paula - so true! It's always nice to hear from someone who has 'survived' - though of course the goal is to thrive, but I think it's ok to do a little of both.

  4. OK - my comment just got eaten when I tried to select a profile...

    Basically I said: Great reminder! How did you make you awesome collages?

    (Actually I said a lot more than that, but I've decided it would actually make for a pretty good blog post)

    PS - thanks for visiting my blog today!

  5. Janice - Thanks! I used Picasa's free program on my computer to make the collages. It was fun! I look forward to your post. Sorry about the comment thing - it's driving me nuts. I might actually have to give up on blogger.. Anyways, I've been a follower of your blog for a while but had never commented :) Thanks for the marathon tips on twitter, too. I am @hippypastorwife!

  6. I love the idea of the collage!!!



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