Monday, October 24, 2011

Holiday Fitness Challenges

I've been in a funk since my half marathon a few weeks ago. I've only ran 3 times in the last 3 weeks! Along with not running, I've found myself back in some old and terrible eating habits. I've got to shape up and get back into my good habits because I have a 10K race in only 2 weeks. I'm working on that, but in the meantime, I'm looking forward.

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Halloween is just a week away with Thanksgiving and *gasp* Christmas not far behind it. I've learned that being active is a key to my healthy lifestyle in more ways than one. Of course, being active is important for our health, but I also find that being active informs all of my other behaviors. When I am running regularly, I make healthier choices. When I am running regularly, I look at food as fuel. It doesn't mean I eat perfectly by any means, but my eating is balanced. When I am running regularly, I make sure to get sleep so I can run hard in the morning. And when I am running regularly, I feel more capable, more confident, and more in control.

The holidays can mean a lot of food but also a lot of stress. If I don't plan now, I will undoubtedly get swept away by the stress and the junk food. I want to feel good about myself and my journey on Christmas morning. I want to be able to enjoy the holidays without finding myself trying to dig out of a hole I've dug. With that in mind, I'm joining not one but TWO holiday challenges!  I hope you'll consider joining me..

First up, is Pile on the Miles 2011 hosted by Run Eat Repeat. This challenge is pretty straight forward, but here it is in Monica's words...
The Goal of the “Pile on the Miles” Challenge is to encourage us to pile on miles instead of pounds in November. We’ll do this by having everyone keep track of the number of miles they walk OR run each week. If you do at least 5 miles each week you’ll be entered in a drawing every Friday of the challenge.
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Pile on the Miles will start on November 1 (right around the corner!) and end on November 24 (Thanksgiving!). 


Next up, will be the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge 2011

This one is a little more complicated. It will run from November 19 to January 6 so it covers the major holidays. You get points for all activity include strength training, yoga, etc. There is a point system to let you know how many points you earn with various activities, and when you sign up, you sign up at a certain level (Builders, Doers, or Advanced). This is to separate those folks training for marathons and triathlons (Advanced) from those just starting out getting active (Builders) and those of us in between (Doers). It's so that the points system is more fair, I guess. I'm excited to get in as many points as I can. Just like running, I focus on competing with myself and supporting others to hit their goals! But there are some prizes at stake if you're into that kind of thing too!

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So there you have it. I'm motivating myself to beat the slippery slope of the holidays so I can feel good, stay focused, and enjoy myself! I say all the time that we work to set our kids up for success and this is the first step of setting me up for success. Next, I'll have to work on planning how I'm going to pile on those miles and accumulate those points!

What's your plan for the holiday season? Join me for a challenge!

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