Thursday, December 29, 2011


New Year resolutions get a bad rap. I hear all the time about how people don't like them, refuse to make them, and scoff at people who do. (Of course, some people are much more nonchalant and less judgy about it all and I appreciate that.) Here's the thing I like New Year's resolutions. I said it last year, and I'll say it again. I like them. As I read blog post after blog post about why resolutions are ridiculous and why people should not bother setting them once again, I see a few common problems.

1. People setting the same resolution year after year but never achieving it. This is usually the result of bad resolutions as described in #2 and #3.
2. Resolutions that are too big, too vague, too immeasurable, unattainable, and so on.
3. Setting resolutions that are based on shoulds and not on wants. Sure, maybe your doctor and/or society syas you should lose twenty pounds. But unless you want it at the core of your being, you're not going to do the work to make it happen.
4. Seeing New Year's resolutions as trivial when you focus on living out your goals every day.

For me, New Year's resolutions are not so much resolutions. They are simply my goals for the coming year. It is healthy, wise, and effective to regularly evaluate your progress and set both short-term and long-term goals. New Year's is one of the time I check in on those goals. It comes every year. It's dependable and has built-in societal reminders even if my take on the whole resolution thing is a little different. In looking at these goals, I work to make sure they are SMART goals - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Finally, these are goals that mean something to me. They fit within my bigger vision for my life and are things that help propel me meaningfully on my journey. They are things to which I have a visceral reaction. I want these things with my heart, mind, body and soul.

With that, I've done one of my favoite things and created a board on pinterest for my 2011 goals. I like having a visual reminder as well as being able to look at them aside my Vision board on pinterest to see the bigger picture. For the most part, my annual goals are specific tools in helping me achieve the vision I have set forth for myself. With that, here are my 2011 goals.

Pinterest 2012 Goal Board

Run a marathon.
Run 600 miles.
Read 12 books.
Attend 35 yoga classes.
Hike 5 new places this year.
Organize the basement and the garage.

These all fit into my larger goals for healthy living, personal growth, living intentionally, and simplifying our life. A few more goals might pop up along the way, but this is a good place to start my year.

I hope you are excited for the year to come! Are you setting some goals?


  1. LOVE THESE GOALS!!!! :) Great job, 2012 is going to be an AWESOME year!

  2. I love your common sense about setting goals and I really appreciate your emotional support, thank you very much.
    I want to:
    - Start jogging to be able to run 5km.
    - Start entertaining economically.
    - Save 1/3 of my salary.
    - Travel to the Caribean on a cruise
    - Start the Tracfone family value plan

    -Read 12 books as my sister-in-law has her own radio show about books, called 'The Book Report'
    - Swim on the beach every morning before I start work, which enables positive thinking and a feeling of well being.
    - loose 30kg's.

    Like you say I have to plan or do a chart for each feature I want to improve or achieve in my life. If you write down your goals or visualise your target daily, you've got a better chance of achieving them for better body and mind health.
    I'm impressed with the photo of the car garage organisation and the cellar - it's a work of art and inspiration.
    Perhaps on your blogs to follow you could go through various projects for us so that we can follow your sensible advice.
    Thanks for a great blog.
    May you have an inspiring and happy new year.


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