Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chicken Pox

It's been a chicken pox filled week for us! We were aware the boys had been exposed right after Thanksgiving, and so we were on the look out. For the record, no they did not receive the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine. Yes, we were glad they were exposed to chicken pox naturally because we prefer it to receiving the vaccine. It seems to be going around our area as we had friends that exposed my kids to it, and I just recently heard of a vaccinated child nearby that we had no contact with who just got it.
Anyway, last weekend they started to seem out of sorts. By dinner, they were both lethargic. My 4 year old was saying his stomach hurt while the 2 year old was saying he had a headache. Neither ate dinner. We knew something was up. I checked all my books with natural and homeopathic remedies that night to prepare myself. Sure enough, they had spots in the morning.

We had some very rough days with itching, crying, and absolutely no sleeping. But we also did a lot to help through it as best as we could. Here are some things that helped us along the way. I am not a doctor or medical professional and this is no way constitutes medical advice.

To boost their immune system:
Vitamin C
Echinacea and Astragalus
Eldeberry Syrup (naturally antiviral particularly in regards to the herpes family of which chicken pox is a part)

To help the itching and their skin:
Calendula cream with lavendar oil mixed in
Green Salve from Motherlove
Oatmeal baths (made with just plain old rolled oats thrown into a sock with some lavendar)
We did end up taping mittens on one child one night when he couldn't stop scratching but otherwise we did pretty well.

Rhus Tox is the standard chicken pox remedy. We started with that for both children but ended up switching one to Ant Tart which is characterized by a rattly cough with chicken pox.  Additionally, we used chamomilla and pulsatilla for my other son who regularly responds well to those remedies. Pulsatilla is indicated in some chicken pox cases, while chamomilla is used for irritability and oversensitivity. Finally, we were aslo able to give them the chicken pox nosode, Variolinum, when a friend gave us their vial of it later in the week. 
It was a challenging and exhausting week, but the boys are on the upswing. Another day or so and I will be 100% sure they are not contagious. For now, they are in that 'feeling a little better and have all this energy to burn but have no patience because I'm still exhausted from trying to heal' stage. It's pretty awful. But they'll be back to school this week and healthy in time for Christmas!

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