Thursday, December 22, 2011


I know everyone has their own style of tree. I stay pretty true to what we had growing up. A Douglas Fir, as large as we can fit in the house (and every place I've lived has scratch marks on the ceiling where the tree goes to prove it). It has to be too large to fit a star or an angel on top. My mom always said, "it has to hug the ceiling." Then it's strung with big colored lights and covered in ornaments filled with memories. There are no plain balls or filled ornaments. We might have used some in the beginning, but it was a point of joy when we saw that our tree was filled without them. Growing up, we finished the tree with tinsel, just a little to add some sparkle.  I add tinsel on the years that it strikes me.

I am awful at taking Christmas tree pictures.

This year our tree is a good bit smaller than we'd prefer, but the pickings were slim at the tree farm after a year of crazy rain. And it's a non-tinsel year. But, it is still filled with ornaments that we've collected over the years. Every ornament has a story. Stories of loved ones, places, and joys. Here are some of my favorites.
From my years as a dancer who loved pointe

The first ornament that my older son made me at school

Made for me and the rest of my family by a dear friend
From one of my first Christmases
On my husband and I's first vacation we snowbiled through Yellowstone
My favorite family ornament to date: all of us in our family bed where we still sleep most of the time

Our trip to Disney where I discovered I was pregnant with our first
Our family of three joyfully expecting our second child
My new ornament for this year - I ran not one but two half marathons for the first time this year!
A shared love of the outdoors and the water
The camp where my husband and I met and were married and where we are still actively involved
And our newest family ornament. This is our first ornament that features "Mema" on it as she moved in with us in June! Welcome to the Christmas tree Mema! 
So that's a bit of a random selection of our ornaments. I love that our tree is such a celebration of blessings in our life! Do you have a Christmas tree? What are your traditions?

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  1. Jamie, I love this post. Our tradition with ornaments is similar and you have inpsired me to blog about it; to share our joy with others. I will share my post with you when it is finished. I am so full of smiles right now. Thanks you :)



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