Friday, January 13, 2012

Sacrifice and Focus on the Road to a Marathon

Today I was reading a post from Miss Zippy and was struck by her comment about getting into her marathon training plan. She wrote:
...As I enter legit marathon miles this weekend, I’m also putting my monk robes back on. Time to really buckle down with early bedtimes, fewer glasses of wine, and really dedicated eating. Tradeoffs? Yes. Worth it? YES!
Why did it strike me? Not because it's earth-shattering or new to me. It's because it's what you do to train for a marathon. It's what my reality needs to be right now, and to be honest, it's not. Getting injured really made my focus wane. It didn't feel like I was training for a marathon when I was taking weeks off and missing workouts. Since it didn't feel like I was training a marathon, I never started fully acting like I was training for a marathon.
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Well guess what? Just 9 weeks from tomorrow I'll be running my first marathon, God willing. And just 2 weeks from Sunday, I'll be running the Tinker Bell half marathon. This is it. If I don't get serious now and start acting like marathoner, there's no way I'm going to be able to become one.

What does that mean? Early bedtimes. Aim for 9:30 with no pushing past 10pm. Focused and careful eating and fueling. I don't have room for junk in my diet. I need to be fueled to train, while not filling my body with extra junk because I'm extra hungry. Proper hydration = lots of water and a very rare adult beverage. Getting my in strength training sessions, runs, and yoga classes with absolutely no excuses. It's time to make it happen. If that means I need to make it a habit of getting up at 5am to hit 6am yoga twice a week so I don't miss it, that's what it means. Foam rolling, stretching, and doing my physical therapy exercises every single day.
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Surrender isn't an option - not now, and not at mile 22 on March 17. At this point, I only have 9 weeks to go. I'm under trained, but I have 9 weeks to make a big difference. This is my priority. Everything else needs to take a back seat. This was my choice, my goal, and it's up to me to make it happen.

26.2, I'm still coming for you.


  1. It's all downhill from here until you start tapering. You'll do great. Marathons are all in the heart and the mind anyway. I've done more than I can count and found my best runs were always dictated by how I spoke to myself during the various mental challenges I encountered over the miles.

    Carpe Viam!

  2. Zoie - I didn't know you were a runner/marathoner! Thanks for your encouragement. I'm hoping a more regular yoga practice will help prepare for some of the mental challenges and find some balance.


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