Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why Run in a Costume

I'm still pretty new to this whole running thing. Up until just a few months ago, I saw pictures of people running races in costumes and thought it was funny... and something I'd never do. When I registered for my first marathon (which is now just over 7 weeks away!), I decided I wanted to dress up since it's going to be St. Patty's Day. I'd heard that the more attention you can draw to yourself, the more crowd support you get. And, apparently, at 20-something miles that can help. Or maybe it's at like 15 miles, because by 20-something miles, nothing helps. Who knows.

At the same time, I'd be hearing about Team Sparkle skirts from lots of bloggers. I decided I was going rock my first marathon in a sparkly sequin covered skirt and ordered it! It arrived, and I feel in love. It's just so.. sparkly! I took it for its first run in December for a Jingle Jog, and then again on Christmas Eve, because if you're going to run on Christmas Eve, you should show some Christmas spirit!

In just a few days, I'll be running the inaugural Tinker Bell half marathon in Disneyland. When my race partner mentioned a costume, it didn't take long for me to get super excited. I'll be running in a silver Team Sparkle skirt with black wings. Yes, wings! I can't quite believe it either.

I know people think I'm a little nuts for this. I know people who think real runners don't wear costumes or sparkle skirts. I know people who just see this as a distraction from the sport. Well, I'm not sure what a real runner is, but I know some pretty fast people who run in costumes, people faster than I can imagine ever being.

Costumes and sparkles aren't for everyone, but this is why I'm running in costume.

*It's something I never thought I'd do. Overweight mom of 2 who can't find clothes in her closet for a night out struts her stuff in a sparkly skirt? While running a half marathon? Well, make that two things I never thought I'd be doing. Running has helped me re-define my limits and find some joy in my body, despite the extra belly I'm still carrying and the 25+ pounds I still need to lose.

*It's fun and light-hearted. When you get to training for races, it can be easy to take yourself too seriously. Costumes are my reality check that this is for fun, and if I'm not having fun, it's not worth doing.

*It adds to the race experience. Extra smiles. Extra cheers. I might never run the Tinker Bell half marathon again, so why not do it wearing wings? I've trained and I've earned the right to look silly and live it up. If you're going to do it, go all out.

Why yes, I can drive in wings. Heading out to a park for a test run!
I took my wings out for a test run today and they held up quite nicely (Thanks Kelly for the tips!). I had to wear a racer back tank top for best wing attachment. I don't wear tank tops. I'm not comfortable with my jiggly arms, and they are usually too tight around the midsection to be anywhere near flattering (this one is no exception). But I decided to suck it in up, and wear my wings, tank top, and belly proudly. After all, I grew and birthed two babies, I'm running my third half marathon, and I'm down 40lbs in the past two years, I have a lot to be proud of!


  1. Jamie- I just started training for my first 5K. I never used to run and then after Lulu was born (5 years ago) I started running. I never really liked it then, but I did it and lost 60lbs (with WW). But then we moved and I stopped running. Now I'm starting over again and I really like it. I look forward to it. Even if I'm only running for a few minutes at a time right now.

    Do you have any suggestions? I need all the help I can get.

    PS- I think your wings and tank look great. You look great!

  2. Hope, that's awesome! When's the race? Are you using Couch to 5k? I can't recommend a program like that enough. It's so helpful in getting you to a point where you can run 30 continuous minutes. The best thing is consistency - getting out three times a week is enough to make a big difference. If you have pain, like not soreness but pain, don't run and try to figure out what's up so you don't end up seriously injured. Make sure you've got good running shoes. A really fun book that is a quick read (easy to read in bits and pieces as you're busy with the kids!) is Run Like a Mother! It's got a ton of helpful info but also inspiration. One of the authors is even a mom to twins :) Keep me posted about how it's going and always feel free to message me on facebook or comment here if there's anything I can help with!

  3. SO cute! Have tons of fun :) It's great weather in So Cal this weekend!


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