Sunday, February 5, 2012

Whole Food Kitchen

Do you remember my love of e-courses? It hasn't ended, just took a break. But I got registration for a new e-course given to me for Christmas, and I can't wait! Plus, a friend and I got a two for one deal so I am excited to share in this journey with her. This course is hosted by Heather at beauty that moves, the same person who hosted the 30 Day Vegan course I took last spring. This time around it's Whole Food Kitchen.

Whole Food Kitchen

I'm really excited about this 12 week course that starts tomorrow (yes, you can still join!). I find we go through seasons in our home where we focus on some areas of our life. Lately, as I have struggled personally and other things have taken our attention, we've spent less time focused on nourishing our family with whole, real food. Don't get me wrong, we still don't usually eat fake food and we usually cook from scratch, but in different seasons we tend to slip or take what may be momentarily the easier way more often than others.

I've been feeling the pull to focus on filling our kitchen and our home with nourishing food that is as local and organic as possible. Throughout the farmer's market and CSA season there is easy access to great local, organic foods, but we are often less consistent through winter months. We're excited to be building some relationships that give us consistent year-round access to the kinds of food we want to eat. We've recently switched our family's milk over to raw, local milk which I am thrilled we were able to do. Additionally, we get farm fresh eggs delivered to our church weekly. And my husband is excited to be buying half a pig next week from a local farmer. Mmm bacon! We've ran out of our stores of grass-fed, grass finished organic beef so we are still looking for an affordable source for that. Plus, before we know it we'll be starting seeds for another year of successful gardening and preserving! I'm also back to baking most of our bread myself, and I'm going to perfect making my own yogurt from this fabulous raw milk we're now drinking.

This all means I am really excited for this e-course to give me more resources and inspiration on this journey!!

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