Friday, March 23, 2012

Joining a world wide movement!

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I'm joining a world wide movement, a movement of good people going great places, and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

I've told you all before about the lovely Dawn Trautman, a board certified life coach, performer, and writer (and she's Lutheran! thought her work is not limited to that scope by any means).  If you look through my love of e-courses, you'll see lots of her work, and she is at it again. I am joining Dawn for her newest, yet-to-be-named 14 week e-course.  She describes the course on her site,
This spring and summer, tackle the big questions and take action toward a more meaningful life. How can you truly tap into your purpose and passions to commit to Something That Matters? How can you make a difference to the people around you?
You may have pondered these questions as an adolescent. You may have happened upon some of these answers in the midst of daily life. Isn't it time to revisit them?

During this eCourse you will:
  • Explore who you are now, in this time and place.
  • Discover or reconnect with your purpose and passions.
  • Continue to build a life of meaning.
  • Break a habit that's standing in your way.
  • Build a habit that will make a difference for you and the people around you.
Yes, I know it's a lot. That's why you'll want to dive into all of this in a delightfully structured way with others who are exploring the same questions along with you. We'll work together at a pace that doesn't feel rushed: one topic a week for fourteen weeks. Each week, we'll spend equal amounts of time on deep thoughts and meaningful actions.

The focus of this eCourse is not to discover what's wrong with you. The focus is on exploring what's right with you, what's working well, and what you could potentially do next to commit to Something That Matters. Even better, it's grounded in psychology, sociology, philosophy, and theology. It's not just feel-good fluff, it's the real thing. It's also super accessible.

In other places Dawn has talked about this course she has described Good People going Great Places. If you click on the link, you can read more about the e-course and all it entails. It's certainly something I can get behind, but I have to tell you something. She could put just about any course out there and I'd be ready to sign up. There's a reason I keep coming back to Dawn's courses and its twofold. 

Dawn has a great way of making you think, of giving you a different perspective or shining just the right light on a question or problem. She is warm, welcoming, and encouraging. She challenges you to take your big ideas and go somewhere with them. I am great at dreaming big, and I am great at details. But sometimes I get lost somewhere in the middle of those two things and end up spinning my wheels. She's a positive spirit, and she's a connector of people, gifts, and experiences. Plus, her courses are filled to the brim with inter-disciplinary resources, research, and information.

But that is just one part of the story. The other reason, I love Dawn's courses is because she attracts great people. No, seriously. Her courses are filled with intelligent, interesting, creative, and diverse groups of people who are just what she talks about in this course - good people doing great things. Getting to engage in thoughtful discussion and receive meaningful feedback not just from one person, the coach, but from a dynamic group of people is a gift. When we walk with someone else on a part of their journey, we have the opportunity to learn together and inspire each other. When that group of people is as sharp and engaged as the individuals that join Dawn's course, something really neat happens.

So I'll be joining Dawn in this course. I am excited to connect with new people, walk through new course material, and ask challenging questions that will focus and support me on my journey of being exactly what Dawn says - a good person going great places. I hope you'll consider joining me!  Check out the course page or the rest of Dawn's webpage for information about her blog, coaching services, and new book!

I'll be sure to keep you posted on where this journey takes me!

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are completely my own. I received no compensation for this post. I really just can't wait to join the movement!

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  1. I'm intrigued... I'll def look into this! So, is it a total coincidence that you featured Katie Daisy art? I discovered her about a month ago on Etsy and it's on the top of my wishlist!


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