Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ready to Rock 'n' Roll

Saturday is the Rock 'n' Roll USA race in Washington, D.C. The one where I was supposed to run that marathon. But plantar fasciitis sucks, and I'm not running a marathon.

My plan was to rest for two weeks, add in a little runs, and then maybe run the half on Saturday for fun or something.  Right away I knew I wouldn't want to run for fun. If I was going to do a half, I wanted to run fast. I wanted to race. But that would be dumb. So I decided that I was going to force myself to make this race nothing. but. fun. And since it's St. Patty's Day, that fun will be fueled a handheld water bottle filled with Guinness!

 It's a good thing that I was committed to this just for fun plan, because I somehow injured my knee. I have no idea how, but after a trail walk (with a little running thrown in admittedly) a week and a half ago I woke up the next morning with a lot of pain in my knee. I broke down and made an orthopedist appointment for Monday. So I have done nothing, no cross-training, no running, no nothing!  But the good thing is while the time limit for the marathon was a little on the low side, the half marathon is a 4 hour time limit which works out to a 18+ minute mile! So we (yep my previously injured and therefore not marathon trained running buddy is joining me) are going to walk, drink, and sparkle through this race!
I'm sure I'll have a ton of pictures since it's way easier to take pictures when you're not running! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. So sorry you don't get to run your marathon! your time will come I guess and enjoy your fun half :)

  2. Can't wait to see pictures! Have a great time and enjoy!


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