Sunday, April 22, 2012

Someday I’ll run again. Hopefully someday soon.

At the beginning of January, I posted my hoped for/intended/first draft race schedule for 2012. As expected (and predicted in a comment on that post by Kristie!), that schedule has changed and continues to change. I had to switch from running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nation’s Capital USA Marathon to walking the half marathon.
broad street
And today, I deferred my entry to the Broad Street 10 miler until next year. Boooo! There’s just no way I can run 10 miles. I might have been able to if I got back to running and ignored the pain but that’s clearly not gotten my anywhere good.
Soooo…. next up on that calendar is RunAmuck 5k! I ran this last in NY, and I am registered to run in NJ this year. This one is purely fun, and I should be fine to run with my how my rehab is going.
Ah yes, rehab. That’s my dailymile training report. I’ve ran 4 miles in the past 4 weeks.
I am working hard at getting injury-free. The plantar fasciitis has improved with rest, ART therapy, at-home ultrasound along with all the stretching and exercises I was doing before. The problem is that the two times I’ve run, I have definitely felt it in my feet afterwards. Bummer. I am trying a new therapy called the MELT Method that seems promising added to the rest of what I am doing. I took a free class and figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I’ll report more if I have success with it.
At the same time, the “slightly irritated knee that turned super painful when I stopped running and then got better after walking a half marathon” is getting a little more attention. I also felt it when I ran those few miles. So, I headed to the doctor and found myself back at physical therapy. I figure if I am already sidelined, I might as well get as strong and healthy as I can before I return to running. I am loving this new physical therapist. We’ve identified some major weaknesses in my left leg, especially in the hip. I’ll be getting new prescription orthotics and keeping up with a ridiculous number of squats, lunges, and other very painful rehab exercises combined with foam rolling, sticking. and stretching.
I’m taking a weekly spin class, some strength classes, and trying to stay active amid all this rehab. I need to get back to yoga as well. And hopefully, before I know it, I’ll be out there logging some miles stronger and healthier! I’m resisting adding or confirming any of my race calendar until I’m nearly recovered. But, that didn’t stop me from throwing my name into the NYC Marathon Lottery! It’s a crazy, scary shot in the dark as a ridiculously small percentage get in through the lottery, but hey why not! I’ll let you know how that goes on Wednesday. Follow me on twitter or facebook for the update!


  1. Good luck, Jaime. NYC is on my bucket list but I knew there were full marathons in my schedule this year even before injury. Hope you get there and wishing a full recovery. I won't say speedy because think speedy and recovery should be in the same sentence anymore.

  2. I'm so sorry your injury is keeping you from doing everything you want to. That's just a bummer. Your determination is clear though and I'm glad you are taking care of your body.
    The Run a Muck looks so interesting. Can't wait for photos of that! and good luck with that lottery!!


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