Friday, May 25, 2012

6 Week Goal Check-in

Okay I skipped last Friday’s check-in, not because I gained weight (although I did), but because life was busy and I had nothing substantial to say and I didn’t want to post a 3 line filler post. So here’s a 2 week recap.
Last Friday. + 1.2
Today’s weigh-in: +.7
Yes this is not what I intended, but I still have a very small net loss for the four weeks so far.
Total +/- so far: – 2.1 lbs
It’s not what I planned, and I have plenty of reasons (not excuses…). I’m working on those but I don’t have anything helpful or  interesting to share about that right now.
Instead, I want to share some non-scale victories,
*Ran in a mudrun last Saturday with no pain, and while I was out of shape, I was able to finish 3.1 miles of trail and obstacles!
*Ran my first miles since February (wow?!?) on the road on Thursday. 2 hard miles. No knee pain with the brace. I have lost a lot of endurance, but I was running! And while my effort level was way high, I was at least able to average sub 11 minute miles.
*I started counseling a few weeks ago, which I have been meaning/wanting/needing to do for a year.
*Thanks to preparing for a houseguest, my house is pretty darn clean! My hope is to maintain it. Oh yea, and deal with the garage and the basement but those are for another day.
*The garden is IN! And our patio makeover is coming together (cannot wait to post pictures of that!)

So I’m celebrating forward motion, and continuing to move forward when it comes to the silly scale too. Enjoy a wonderful weekend and celebrate the forward motion in your life!

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  1. Yeah for running!!!
    And that photo is so great!! Any week where you do that, is a week to not worry about the scale as far as I'm concerned.


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