Friday, May 4, 2012

News from the Scale and the Juicer

Last week I declared my goal to lose 11 lbs before I turn 30 in 6 weeks. As promised, here is my week 1 update.

-2.6 lbs

Woo hoo! I’m happy to be down 2.6 lbs. This week was a little bit of a strange week. I did hit up physical therapy 3 times, which includes a decent amount of sweating. One therapist in particular makes me sweat a lot. Ummm, excuse me! I’m talking about all the exercises he makes me do! Seriously, he had me working for nearly an hour and forty-five minutes the other day before torturing me with manual work on my muscles……. I didn’t do great on rehab at home, but iced a lot and did some of my stretches but not enough of my strength. I didn’t make it to the gym at all, so that will definitely change next week.

I did all my rehab exercises today, starting the week off right.


Yea, the view sure didn’t hurt. It was a gorgeous day, and the whole family was hanging outside so I figured I might as well enjoy it.

At the same time, this week we spent a lot of time learning about, making, and drinking JUICE! I’ve heard so many people talking about the film, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead that I couldn’t wait to watch it. I finally grabbed some time folding laundry and was unexpectedly joined by my husband and both kids for the whole movie! If you haven’t seen the film, it’s all about Joe Cross’s journey from just what the title of the movie said to health through juice fasting. It chronicles a few other people’s journeys as well. It was interesting to learn about the benefits of juicing. I knew it was good for you, but I was amazed that you could really only drink juice for that amount of time and feel fabulous (barring medical issues, of course).

fat sick

We’d bought a juicer a week or two earlier and had been enjoying juicing daily. Of course, after watching the movie I immediately said (mostly joking), “hey, you want to do a juice fast?!”, to my husband and was shocked when he responded “Sure!” Wait, what? Apparently, he really likes juice.

I’m still nursing my younger son at sleeptime so I knew I couldn’t strictly follow a fast, but let’s just say I consumed a lot of juice for 3 days. My husband and my mom stuck it out for a full 3 and 4 days respectively with nothing but juice and felt pretty good after the first day or two of detox symptoms. Interestingly enough, my weight was the same on Sunday before we began the intense juicing as it was on Friday after we gone back to our normal amount of juicing for a day or two.  So while, I flooded my body with some awesome nutrients, the juicing wasn’t the reason behind my weight loss this week. That might have been different if I was truly fasting, but it wasn’t my intent especially while breastfeeding. In the meantime, we’ll continue to juice daily to get as many vegetables in as possible!

Do you juice? Do your kids like it?

Mine love it because they are never allowed to drink anything but water! Fresh juice is an amazingly tasty treat for them….Right up there with green smoothies.

Here’s to another week of nourishing my body, getting stronger, and seeing the scale go DOWN!!

How are you doing with your goals?


  1. I watched that documentary, too. It was amazing and made me seriously question juicing - even for a short time! :)

  2. I am going to try juicing very soon. I watched that documentary and was really interested in it too. Awesome job on your loss too!


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