Monday, June 25, 2012

Outdoor Living with a New Patio

With the help of church (they own our home) and very talented and generous friends who did the work at cost, we embarked on a patio project! We are blessed with an amazing view and yard, but our patio just was not cutting it as an outdoor living space. It was pavers laid with tiny rocks in between that hurt our barefoot family’s feet whenever we walked outside. And, the weeds were out of control!

Here are a couple angles of the before. Excuse the stuff piled up on the existing patio. The grass had just been mowed and we were marking out the size of the new patio.

Starred Photos10

Here is the after!  Wow, what a difference. There’s an awesome firepit and plenty of space for outdoor dining and entertaining.

Starred Photos9

But as you can tell that was quite a hodge podge. We had acquired some picnic tables and other outdoor furniture, but we hadn’t done anything to make the space welcoming and warm. This spring, we finally did that. It was a family effort. There was painting, planting, furniture moving and even a little shopping.


We let the kids pick the plan for their picnic table. They wanted a light blue table with grass, clouds, and a sun so that’s what they got. This sure stretched my artistic abilities!


We painted the big picnic table, and a kind woman from church sewed cushions for it with the fabric we picked. We also painted the smaller glass table and got some new chairs and umbrella. Hubby made a stand for some of the plants out of leftover pallets from the patio pavers.


(Excuse the remains of our erosion project in front there. I didn’t realize it was still there when I took pictures – oops).



The fence is new and hasn’t been put in all the way. We also have mammoth sunflowers that are coming up in that bed to break up that big piece of house on that side. The rest of that bed is filled with fennel that has taken over. The kids just eat it as snack when they are playing outside – ha!

Overall, I love, love, love it! It’s by no means 100% finished. We’ll be working on pieces here and there always it seems, but it is now a warm, welcoming place to entertain!


And entertain we did. We had a few families over to celebrate my 30th birthday, and everyone had a blast!  I look forward to getting a lot of use out of this space all summer long. As it is, we already eat dinner out there more nights than not!


  1. Love it! It looks so nice, and I love that you have a fire pit right there! It's very welcoming and looks like a great space for entertaining.
    It's kind of funny, because our church has also decided to tear down and replace our back porch this year! I'm so looking forward to it. The current one isn't really big enough (I'm hoping they make it bigger), and the red-ish brown paint that was used decades ago is totally peeling off, except it also makes the wood too hot to stand on when the temperature climbs.
    You inspired me to do my own before and after post! I always forget the before pictures. Too bad ours won't be done until September!
    Enjoy your beautiful new patio!

  2. You have such a lovely patio! It’s really amazing how you were able to make it look so inviting with the little improvements. Why don’t you add a brick oven outside so you can cook pizza there whenever there’s a gathering?

  3. Your patio looks awesome, Jamie! I love your idea of painting one of your picnic tables because the kids can say that it really belongs to them. Haha! The soft floral pillows on the bench look good too! Well, your family doesn’t need to find for another place to enjoy. Your home is a perfect place to unwind! You also have wonderful view of the mountain. Gosh, what else can you ask for? :)

    1. Thanks Angelina! It really is lovely. :)


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