Sunday, June 10, 2012

Welcome to 30!

This weekend I celebrated entering a new decade in my life with my 30th birthday on Friday. It was a fun weekend filled with strawberry picking with the family, a 5K, and fun with friends around the fire pit.
First off, I’d like to update you on the the weight loss goal I committed to 6 weeks ago. I intended to lose 11lbs by my birthday. The short of it is that it didn’t happen. But a lot did happen. My final weight loss tally was:
I also took measurements at the start, and even more exciting than those 6+ lbs is the inches I lost. I lost 1 inch from my bust, 1 inch from my waist, .5 inch from each upper arm, .5 inch from each thigh, and .5 inch from each calf. That’s a total of 5 inches gone from my body!
I worked my butt off at physical therapy 3 times/week for the past 6 weeks. I began to run again logging a total of 13 miles (which is a very small number for me, but a wonderful increase from zero!). And, I cleaned up my eating both in content and portion sizes.
And I got to test out my fitness my first 5K since injury Saturday morning! I went into without really articulating hopes or goals. It was my first 5K back from injury. I’d only run 13 miles in literally months. I wasn’t set up to run my best race by any means. But, at the same time, my current 5K PR (personal record) of 30:46 was from September 2011. It was somewhat outdated, as I ran the first 5K of my November 10K at a faster pace (29:35). Prior to injury, I knew a had a 5K PR in the bag the next time I ran one, and likely a big one. But things were not so simple. I planned on going out fast and seeing what happened.
To add to the fun, I strained an abdominal muscle at physical therapy on Wednesday which led to a very painful track workout on Wednesday evening. I took good care of it Thursday and Friday. On race morning, I taped it and popped a couple ibuprofen (which I never do) and hoped for the best.
Of course, I dressed for the occasion. I love my Team Sparkle skirt!
I went out fast. The course was crazy hilly, even for what I’m used to. Even the flat spots were slight uphills and the downhills were few and far between. My husband overheard a number of the first finishers remarking that it was the hardest 5K they’ve run in a looooong time. I hung on tight and was hurting early on – but that’s how 5Ks are supposed to be. I avoided checking my watch knowing that if I looked at the wrong time I’d be discouraged with my pace on the hills. At the first mile marker, a volunteer said it was 9:20, so I knew I just had to hold on and I could break 30 minutes. It got harder from there but I just kept at it. I grabbed water at 2 water stops because my throat was really dry.
I knew I was cutting it close as we re-entered the cemetery where the finish was, and then I saw the last hill. An ugly uphill finish nearly broke me. In fact, I stopped to walk with the 3 mile marker in sight. Who does that?!? Looking at my heart rate stats now, I see it was up at 204 so that 10 second walk break probably wasn’t a bad idea. I poured whatever I could into the last tenth and crossed the finish with my watch reading 29:33 (official time 29:40 – not chip timed).
In the finish line chute, a volunteer went to grab the tag off my number and quickly asked if I was okay or needed a medic, and I just nodded at her while she looked scared I might puke on her (valid concern). After a number of cups of water, I recovered pretty quickly, and I am thrilled with my achievement. My splits were 9:09, 9:19, 9:33, with the last .1 at a 9:56 pace. No where near a negative split but I left it all out on the course,
A new 5K PR! 29:40 (official)
That’s a 1 minute 6 second PR. On a hilly course. Minimally trained. Coming back from injury, and with a pulled abdominal muscle.
I cannot WAIT to see what I can do as I add some more mileage into my training, and someday… I’ll find a flat, fast 5k course and see what happens!
What a great start to my thirties!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! And great job with the race - CONGRATS!!! :)


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